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Reflections before Launch

In News by Daniel Sun17 Comments

Armed with Wings: Rearmed is literally around the corner with only 12 hours until it launches into Early Access. I want to reflect a little on my journey to this moment… Seriously, It has been one hell of a journey. Since Culmination, my life has drastically changed. Here’s why: Turn back time Let’s rewind time back to 2011. Life was …

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Preping for Early Access

In News by Daniel Sun35 Comments

Exciting news! Rearmed is coming to Steam Early Access on May 28th 2015! Feast your eyes the trailer (which is totally awesome and only took me a REALLY long time to make) Why Early Access? There are MANY reasons – let me rant: For the Players! None of you have had a new Armed with Wings game since 2011. Some …

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Some new features

In News by Daniel Sun23 Comments

Don’t worry, there are no April Fools jokes here. Let’s talk development! Armed with Wings Rearmed is coming along nicely! I exhibited Rearmed at iFest in Melbourne and got a ton of positive feedback! I’ve done a blog post over at, go check it out for more specifics on iFest. Players had a chance to play my new build, with …

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New Website!

In News by Daniel Sun16 Comments

I’ve just finished revamping the Armed with Wings website in preparation for the launch of Armed with Wings Rearmed! What do you guys think?

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Survival Mode Preview

In News by Daniel Sun13 Comments

The basic foundations for a brand new Survival Mode are now laid! Take a quick look at the completely brand new Survival mode for my upcoming game Armed with Wings: Rearmed: Survival Mode, Weapon & Gear System and the ability to flip forward and backwards! These are just some of the new content that has been added this month. I’ll …

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The Game is Ported!

In News by Daniel Sun15 Comments

Note: Sorry for not updating this blog sooner: I’ve been slowly writing this post and took me longer than expected haha! As you may or may not know, Armed with Wings Rearmed is a remastered edition of the original AwW1 game I made in 2008. The original was written in ActionScript 2.0. In an effort to reduce development time, I …

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ActionScript 2.0

In News by Daniel Sun14 Comments

The original Armed with Wings was developed in Flash using ActionScript 2.0. In order to minimize development time, Rearmed was built on top of the original AS2 project. I’ve made MASSIVE changes to the code in order to make it more optimal and readable. Coders, if you saw what the original source looked like, you’d vomit and die – I’m …

Reamred has been Greenlit!

In News by Daniel Sun3 Comments

11 days, 9069 votes and 388 comments later… Armed with Wings Rearmed has just been Greenlit! What does this mean?! Armed with Wings Rearmed is officially coming to Steam! How can I express such joy… For the longest time I’ve had my eyes set on Steam. Armed with Wings was born into the world of free browser games, but as …

Armed with Wings Rearmed on Steam Greenlight!

In News by Daniel Sun5 Comments

MY GOODNESS… at long last… Armed with Wings has arrived at the doorstep of Steam! I am very please. VERY PLEASE INDEED! It’s taken a very long time to hit this milestone, to actually get a game on Greenlight. But now it has happened and I feel great! Let us hope it will not be long before it is greenlite …