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Armed with Wings: Rearmed is literally around the corner with only 12 hours until it launches into Early Access.

I want to reflect a little on my journey to this moment… Seriously, It has been one hell of a journey. Since Culmination, my life has drastically changed. Here’s why:

Turn back time

Let’s rewind time back to 2011. Life was AMAZING!!! Culmination had JUST been released in November. During this time I began working for a local game studio. “My first job at a REAL game studio!”, it had been a dream of mine since a boy. My career seemed to be accelerating forward quickly. I was a 22 year-old with a brilliant and successful flash game series behind me – my foot now in mobile games for iOS. Long story short, my job ended abruptly when the studio went to hell along with it’s failure FPS Shooter. Although working for this company was a great experience, I grew to hate it (for various reasons). 2012 marked a new beginning – “Time to get back to my roots, and make some Flash Games!” said Daniel Sun’s brain.

HA… HAHAHAHA!!!! Yeahhh….. no. Money suddenly become a huge issue and I couldn’t get my hands on enough of it. I managed to score some lucrative contract work from Cartoon Network which saw me through tough periods, but still not enough. Previously, my Armed with Wings games had been developed in a comfortable environment – My biggest mistake was believing that I could not make another AwW title in my current situation. In truth, I never stopped working on Armed with Wings. Sure, I produced no new titles – but I fleshed out the story, the lore, the characters and made rough plans for the BIG ONE whilst keeping the AwW Facebook page alive and healthy. I must thank my two amazing developer friends Steve and Alex – we bonded closely during 2012, working on many, many, many, many games (amazing games, but none finished). These two guys often engaged with me in design sessions for future AwW games… good times…

Shamefully, stress began to take its toll on me. It is shameful because I did not know TRUE stress. I became agitated and aggressive, frustrated with my situation. My perception was that I COULD NOT work on Armed with Wings without financial support. How could I? I would need 6 months minimum to make a new game, instead I made smaller games to bring in some cash. Little did I know, I simply needed to grow up (more on that soon).

Bill flooded in, so I worked part time to keep the boat floating – but this causes other internal issues. I worked bloody hard for these companies, and a fury of rage slowly built as I perceived these jobs taking Armed with Wings away from me, limiting me… But I needed to survive! When ever I found myself out of work, I sourced my own contracts – still, angered that I had no time for Sun-Studios games. I became worse as the debt grew. Payments would ALWAYS be delayed too! With coins in my pockets, I early watched my bank account – hoping that payment would arrive so that I could pay my debt.

It was like a terrible dance that lasted years.

A Dance from Hell

Determination never abandoned me – thank god. 2013 was vicious for my entire family. Trying to develop games with my personal life in chaos is something I’ve learned to deal with…  rather effectively. My family and loved ones suffered through ‘hard times, difficult to deal with’. Businesses fell apart, our house – a broken wreckage from halting renovations, my family at war with each other. I had money problems, but what is money compared to the well being of friends and family? It was grim, but not a complete train wreck… On a positive note my relationship with Cartoon Network grew strong….

….Until it crashed and burned violently in 2014. Cartoon Network offered me an amazing gig! To develop a game bases on a very exciting LEGO IP. I saw this project as my savior! It was a 3 month project with amazing pay, at least it was suppose to be. I’ve never worked so hard in my life! Staying awake for weeks staring at a screen, is more than not healthy… Certainly, I reached my mental limit. “They payed me so well, and this game is terrible AND delayed… they won’t work with me again” – my thoughts on the game. On the hour of delivering the game, I lost my mind!! Like a crazy person! Screaming, smashing things, paranoid,  violent behavior… A taste of mental illness. I took weeks off work to secure my mental health. Thank god for my family and loved ones who help me through. This isn’t even the half of it… I was dealing with incredibly stressful personal matters… I’ll never be the same person after that experience. I am Stronger and wiser now – that’s the most important point.

The Lesson

I look back over the past 5 years. I was a naive 20 year old who got lucky. Early success turned me too proud. Life decided to punch me in the face, over and over and over… and over… until I learned this:

Let it punch you! Let is beat you! It can NEVER stop you! Do what you have to do!  Be bold and fearless. Be strong. Adapt to life outside the comfort zone.

This is all relevant to Rearmed – because I’ve never stopped thinking about Armed with Wings, throughout all the shit I’ve been through.
Rearmed exists because I grew up and refused defeat. Rearmed is here because I worked on it whenever I could. 1 hour a week? so be it. It’s taken me over a year to deliver, much longer than I hoped it would take. My life still far from perfect, and miles from normal – but guess what? The game is here! Today! A NEW Armed with Wings experience is MOMENTS away from launch. This is all I’ve wanted since Culmination – to see a new title make it’s way onto Steam. All the pain, the tears and sweat, the trials and tribulations – all for Armed with Wings.

Thank you readers and fans. You guys stuck it out… a simple Flash Game series… you are the ones who cared this WHOLE time! Without you, there would be no point. It is my honor to serve you my latest effort – Rearmed and I am so happy and lucky to have loyal fans who would wait years for me to get my shit together, and release a game.




    1. Author

      Detailed criticism is the best 🙂 don’t stop haha! I may have had a rough patch but that Rearmed still needs feedback, content and polish.

  1. Hey Daniel. Frankly, I really loved this post. The conflicting emotions and tumbling words really immersed me in your life. I’m happy that you’re doing better, and I wish future success to you in the future. I wish I could’ve gotten a Steam Key, and it frustrates me a bit that others get it before me :/ Great job on Rearmed though!

    P.S. Did you read my feedback in your last post? Really appreciate it. Also, is AwW: Versus going to be your next release (on Steam too)?

    1. Author

      This is for you, for being such a dedicated fan!
      I truly appreciate it, particularly with this blog post. Thank you for your comments and support!
      Versus wont be up on Steam any time soon hahah, I still only have time for Rearmed Early Access.

  2. it was at this moment i realised that rearmed won’t be launching on mac….
    dosent matter other people can play it and enjoy it, plus its understandable that you couldn’t code it for mac, mac is so freaking hard.

    also personal question but should i follow up the carrier i want a game designer of some sorts?

    oh and one last thing, i hope that all those times are over for you now, those times are rough…

    1. Author

      I’ll try very hard to get the game on Mac. It should not be difficult, but my Mac at home keeps crashing when I try to open the game files.
      As for those difficult times, never truly over. Life is just more difficult now – but I’ve managed to deal with it, I’ve adapted like a chameleon!

  3. You went through all that and yet you were able to do what you want you continued your dream no matter the difficulties and you succeded you really are a strong person i am and i will be a loyal fan and i probably won’t miss any of your games (but i am going to buy reamed after a few months too bad but i will wait because i know it’s worth it)

    1. Author

      Thanks ugregoard! You’re the coolest 🙂
      Haven’t succeeded yet haha but maybe soon who knows. The game MIGHT be bundled for a ‘pay what you want’ model. Could be a great chance to get the game cheap + 6 other games. More details when I figure it all out haha.

      1. That would be awesome I’m looking forward to it
        (even though i would probably play the other games only a little i am probably going to replay reamed 15 times at least before i play another game and then replay reamed another 15 times 😀 )

  4. Holy shit. I knew freelance/indie devs had it rough but damn. I can’t imagine forcing myself to make licensed games and then still not having enough to get by.

    Looking forward to when you’ve finished tweaking with the early access versions 😀

    1. Author

      It’s almost too tough – and I’m still a lucky person! I hope everyone get a fair opportunity.

  5. Hey Daniel!

    I really love armed with wings, and I can’t tell how happy I am that a new one has been released! The games are simply so appealing to me and ever since culmination and it’s flowing combat became a thing…let’s just say that I’m really happy (to say the least). From a selfish standpoint I’ll humbly ask you to never stop making games you’re passionate about, because that would be a terrible waste of talent as I see it~

    oh and I know about that whole “I was proud and ambitious and then life kicked me in the face”. It happened to me, and for the last 2-2,5 years I just took one shitty kicking after another. It sucks, but I also can’t help but feel that it’s a thing that strengthen people who actually cares for their future and goals.
    Like you said Daniel, be stubborn and keep moving forward

    oh and btw, I’m going to pick up the game on steam now, and once I get a stable income again, I’ll dedicate my first patreon support ever to you! Can’t think of anyone better deserving to be honest~

    1. Author

      Hey Vector! Thank you for the supportive words! You’re a true fan – thank you thank you thank you 🙂
      I’m about to put a new update out for Rearmed that will make the combat system EVEN more amazing! Blog post coming soon too.

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