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I’ve just finished revamping the Armed with Wings website in preparation for the launch of Armed with Wings Rearmed! What do you guys think?


  1. hey daniel i played all your games and I’m glad that you’ve been excelling in your animation and game developing. In the rearmed version I was wondering if there will be a extra payable character like vandheer. And you have a lot of potential, I was also wondering in the future will you make a 3d version of armed with wings? like with unity or any 3d engine, cause your one of the best flash game developers i observe so far.

    1. Author

      Hey Joshua! Thanks for playing the games and for contacting me! I don’t plan on adding extra characters to Rearmed at launch, but I think it’s an amazing idea and would love to introduce some more characters in an update. As for a 3D game, that is another amazing idea that i’d like to explore in the future.

  2. Dude this looks EPIC-good job on everything! I can’t wait to get the game and play it through, most likely more than once XD I wonder if in the future different armors could be added? Not quite sure if/how that would work , just an interesting little idea that came to mind.

  3. Any plans on a kind of a level editor? That would be quite amazing if I say so myself.

  4. when it is going to be available free in web and where?

    1. Author

      The game will be for sale on Steam on the 28th of May 🙂

  5. I’ve been playing armed with wings for so long and finaly a new aww is coming out (it’s supposed to be a remake but is it going to influence the plot?) is it going to be free? if not how much will it cost and is there going to be a demo ? are you going to make aww 4? (too many questions and it’s too early for aww 4 but you know the hype is real i guess 😛 i even commented on a jackseptickeye’s video and told him to play aww it’s like someone told me about super mario world remake my childhood game (or atleast it’s going to be i am not an adult but i am close) is getting a remake i can’t wait) i think no one read this comment

    1. Author

      😀 Thanks for being an AwW fan! Rearmed is coming to Steam, it will cost $7.99USD (but cheaper with the 15% launch discount).
      It is a remake of the original, but does feature a more rich and revealing story.
      Also, the game is launching into Early Access, which means I’ll be making frequent updates based on user feedback – until the game is finally ready for the big launch.
      There will be many more AwW games for many years to come! I love AwW and want to make it a HUGE IP.

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