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The basic foundations for a brand new Survival Mode are now laid! Take a quick look at the completely brand new Survival mode for my upcoming game Armed with Wings: Rearmed:

Survival Mode, Weapon & Gear System and the ability to flip forward and backwards! These are just some of the new content that has been added this month.

I’ll be doing a blog post soon detailing these new features. Until then, please like the facebook page – I’m always posing bit of news there 🙂

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  1. Hello Daniel
    The Survival Mode really pulls me in because I can obviously tell how much AWW has improved. The dual wielder seemed especially tricky, and the evasive flipping is a very welcome addition. I have a few questions to clear up.

    Besides the few revamped mobs that were showcased in your streams and this video, can we expect any more mobs? It would make the experience much more enjoyable with a wider variety of enemies, especially of the calibre of that dual wielder (he’s flashy.)

    Will we be facing bosses in Survival?

    How many bosses are there?

    Although you do seem to have added a customizable arsenal, can we expect any other fighting styles like a staff or heavy sword?

    Your game seems like it’s more or less ready for release. What things do you still need to work on?

    1. P.S. Having extra fighting styles (with certain strategies) can allow greater replayability and experimentation. Maybe in future entries, you can take on a Devil May Cry-like system where you quick-swap weapons for crazy combos. Culmination seems to have that DMC concept with the exception of using multiple weapons.

    2. Author

      Hey Alex! Happy to hear you are keen for survival mode! Survival mode will be extensive and fun.
      There will be more mobs. I want to add a few more enemy types to beef up the game before launch.
      There will be boss battles in survival mode 🙂 Currently there are 2 bosses, I’d like to add another.
      There will only be different swords, heavy ones, weak ones, fast ones ect. I would love to add different weapons, but they would need a new animation set – something I don’t have time for.

      The game is nearly ready, but still not done. More levels are needed in story mode, as well as animated cutscenes to end the game. Survival mode currently has no difficulty progression, and doesn’t yet have all the enemies as bosses. I feel that I need to include a hard mode too – as once the perks are unlocked the game becomes far too easy.
      Once I have all the features in, then I need to do extensive testing and bug fixing – which always takes longer than expected.

      I am however looking into doing a soft launch, or early access – more on that later.


  2. Hello Dan
    I want to comment about your soft launch ideas. When you mentioned that, I noticed your Facebook post on the sidebar mentioning Does this website allow progressive updates after your game has been uploaded? Is there any sort of issue with your game that would encourage you to have a soft launch?

    1. Author does allow for updates. Take a look at this game, they are giving out steam codes to people who buy the game. I’d like to soft launch is so I can get the game into players hands. I’d love to get some feedback before I launch on steam. Also, preparing the game for steam will take some time – I really want people to start playing rearmed.

  3. AWESOME!!but there should be a skill or system that lets u chain combos,like when u just killed a enemy u can press (X) button to teleport to a nearby enemy within a range.Also,are air combos possible?And status effects would be cool,like freezing enemy and burning enemies.Ok, im asking a bit too much now.

    1. Author

      I think teleporting to a nearby enemy could be pretty cool – there is teleporting… not automatic.

  4. Great improvement!now the only thing we need is the ability to teleport to nearby enemies after killing one so u can chain combos.

  5. Oh yes Daniel. A thing that has come to my attention for the past few months was your lack of new art being in your gallery. Do you have any artwork or fan art needing uploading in now to the near future?

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