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The original Armed with Wings was developed in Flash using ActionScript 2.0. In order to minimize development time, Rearmed was built on top of the original AS2 project. I’ve made MASSIVE changes to the code in order to make it more optimal and readable. Coders, if you saw what the original source looked like, you’d vomit and die – I’m sure of it.

The thought of rewriting the game in AS3 has crossed my mind many times during development. I’ve even contemplated porting the game over to Starling or Haxe (two different GPU based frameworks far faster than traditional flash). Up until now I’ve keep the game in AS2, which has saved me a considerable amount of time.

The problem with AS2 is that it’s old. Really old. Modern features are unavailable such as gamepad controls and it doesn’t connect with many API for score and achievements. It also makes packaging in Adobe Air difficult.

My workaround to all the AS2 shortcomings is rather clever. The AS2 game is wrapped in an AIR AS3 project. The AS3 wrapper takes care of all the connection issues external APIs while AIR handles packaging the game as a desktop executable. By using bridge connections, I’m able to get the AS3 and AS2 projects to talk to each other (normally, they cannot send data between each other).

But now, I think I’ve hit a wall. Xbox controls. My hypothesis was to use the AS3 wrapper handle xbox controller input and send the data to the AS2 game. It works, actually. The issue is this: It seems like the bridge connection between the two has a nasty delay at times. The delay causes 1-2 seconds of input lag. Truly horrible.

I must investigate further to see if the issue is the connection lag, of perhaps if there is another workaround. But currently it looks like I’ll need to port the game to ActionScript 3.0. The bad news is that it’ll take some time. The good news is that it gives me more control. Additionally, it shouldn’t be difficult to do thanks to my earlier efforts in fixing up the horrendous code from 2008. The other option is to ditch Xbox controls – or add the feature in an update post launch… we’ll see.

To be honest, I have some AS2 pride. I like the fact that I’m using a super old method for game dev. I guess… sometimes you need to swallow the pride and move on.

Code issues aside, the game is looking just fantastic! Fullscreen is working brilliantly! This is actually big news because Flash runs terrible in high resolutions. The game runs in 720p, which is upscaled to fullscreen.


Whats this?! A white world!? This is the tutorial level, currently quite empty – but beautiful. I plan on adding more of these special levels.

Very exciting times! I’m closing in on development overall and the game is already Greenlite! Can’t wait to get this game to you guys!

For more AwW updates, tune into the facebook page – I’m updating there oftern!

Also, join me on Patreon and help support Armed with Wings! My C key on my laptop fell off today, I could fix it with some Patreon cash.

Happy New Year!




  1. Hey Daniel. If I were to give my honest opinion, I think it would be best to release Xbox controls in a post-launch update. Although Xbox controllers give controller geeks a chance to enjoy your works in their style, I don’t think it is completely necessary. Since this is a PC game, majority of your fans would probably settle down with the keyboard anyway, either because they’re used to it or it isn’t a bother to not use controllers. Controller support is more of an optional project.

    Your game is looking sharper now, and I am looking forward to its release. I hope then people can start to notice your works and support your future projects.

    A few questions:

    If you were to upgrade to AS3, approximately how much longer would it take for Rearmed to release?

    Can we expect Rearmed to come out with in Q1 of 2015?

    1. Author

      Hey Alex,
      Thanks for the feedback on Xbox controls. I’d really like to include support for the controller on release, still something I need to determine.
      I think it would take a week or so to completely port the game over to AS3. I’m shooting to have Rearmed out ASAP – I’m sure it will be release before then end of Q1. I’m shooting for feb, but we’ll see what happens 🙂

  2. Hey, I was just wondering, how do you make your animations so smooth? Did you draw each frame 0_o? I’m kinda new to this, so any advice would be amazing!

    1. Author

      Hey Todd, I draw each frame. In flash, there is a display options called onion skin, it lightly displays the previous frame, so you can use it to help guide the next drawing. I should make a video on how I animate.
      Cheers dude!

    1. Author

      Yaa I’ve started porting to As3 – it’s going really well and Xbox controls work great!

  3. About death animation:
    In this game, you play the strongest/one of the strongest warriors/beings in this world. All other big creatures die in an explosion, but you are the only one vanishing. Will this change too in the upcoming games?

    1. Author

      Thanks actually a really good question. The big guys die with an explosion purely for impact. Perhaps if someone dies in anger, they explode. But if they die sad, they will fade.

  4. I just wanted to say, I heard about this from another old AWW fan.

    I cannot express how excited I am for this game. I LOVED the original series.

    What are the chances that you’ll remake all of them if this one does well?

  5. Hey,u know,I was watching dragonball z a few days ago,and I realized we could have an armed with wings transformation, sort of like super saiyan. If u know what I mean.Also,u could have QTE cutscenes.And maybe a parrying system of sorts to make one on one battles more epic.

    Near unreachable goal:armed with wings in 3d with your artstlye with naruto ultimate ninja storm like battles !muhahahahah(ok seriously.don’t take this seriously)

  6. Hi, Daniel! I was wondering if I could make a fanfiction based off of your series, “Armed With Wings,” and it’s events. You are welcome to email me at for my story plans! – Timothy

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