Reamred has been Greenlit!

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11 days, 9069 votes and 388 comments later… Armed with Wings Rearmed has just been Greenlit! What does this mean?! Armed with Wings Rearmed is officially coming to Steam!


How can I express such joy… For the longest time I’ve had my eyes set on Steam. Armed with Wings was born into the world of free browser games, but as it quickly grew into a reputable series, I knew it had potential for Steam.

Finally, Rearmed is coming to Steam! I want to thank the GreenLight community for showing such amazing support and helpful feedback! I also tip my hat to web gaming, had it not been for free browser games, perhaps Armed with Wings may have never found it footing.

So what happens now? The final push in development! Much work still needs to be done on Rearmed to see it complete: Cutscenes, music, more levels, gamepad support…
Managing the release is going to be a challenge. Reaching out to the press, ditermining release date, exploring bundles and deals… a lot to do but I’m looking forward to it.

The next trailer I put out will have the release date announced.

Be sure to keep up with the development of Armed with Wings here on this blog.
I’d like to invite you to join the Facebook page. I’m very active on Facebook and would love to have more input and feedback!
For the Twitter nuts, I’m @Sun_Studios

This year is ending as well as the Lone Warrior is ending this creature!

Happy new year everyone!


  1. Congratulations Daniel for your first successfully greenlit game. I hope the best for this game and your future masterpieces. I especially wish (though far-fetched at the moment) for your work to be recognized by millions around the world. Hell, you could even have a permanent team making these truly unique works if it gets that big. I cannot wait to get my hands on this and I bid you happy new year.

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