Rearmed Redefined

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Rearmed Reinvented

The Rearmed Armoury has been Reenvision, Reinvented if you will – completely Revamped and now Released. Rediscover the fully Realized Range of arms in Rearmed.

Before this update…

Rearmed launched into early access with a small selection of Weapons and Boosters. I always felt that the system was lacking in quantity, and in weapon choice. Rearmed only offers the choice of a better weapon, and in my opinion that is not enough choice.

Weapons should be competing against each other for the players attention. Different weapons should be better suited for certain tasks. There should be no Single Ultimate Sword that will forever eclipse any other choice.

There now, until now I have finally solved this!

What’s new in 0.8.14?

A brand new weapon system with 50+ weapons!

Weapons now define your booster set. Each and every weapon has a different configuration of available booster slots as well as [u]linked[/u] boosters that cannot be changed. Some weapons even have Ability Booster slots, with 2 maximum. Ability boosters are linked to [Q] and [W] on keyboard, or [X] and [Y] on controller.

Full Change Log

    Features & Updates

  • +50 weapons
  • More Unlocks
  • New Weapon/Booster system
  • New Booster – Speed Boost
  • New Booster – Extra Range
  • New Booster – Fire Ball
  • New Booster – Attack Lunge
    Fixes & balancing

  • Can use two Ability Boosters
  • Performance optimization

Apologies for this long waited update, I fell sick twice during the last month. Development has been incredibly challenging. Most of the work involved reworking the menus to accommodate the new weapon system. I also developed a new ‘Weapon Designer’ application to help me customize weapons quickly and feed the changes into the game engine.

The difficult part is now over – the game has never run more smoothly. Feedback on this update would be hugely appreciate! Please leave a comment in the forums 🙂


  1. its, very, good.
    but blade 53 is pretty much the most OverPowered.
    and from what I know its impossable to get some of the other weapons.
    e.g. vandeer’s blade or what used to be know as ebott..(thats the one to the right of blade 58) but then again these may not even be acsessable yet!

    and well done for pushing through your illness the last month, try and get some rest though.

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