Update 0.8.13 Boosters!!

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Boosters! I’ve just introduced like – 4 new booster that SERIOUSLY mix things up! Steal some enemy life, spawn a rock to smack around, shoot Ice spikes and enemies + more!


This update also fixes a whole lot of annoying issues, that’s to the community for pointing our bugs! Here’s the full change list:

      Features & Updates


  • New Booster – Leech
  • New Booster – IceSpike
  • New Booster – Handy Rock
  • New Booster – Gravity Hit
      Fixes & balancing


  • Double Hit nurfed
  • Equip Screen bugs
  • LoneWarrior hitbox adjustments
  • Icespike / Rock bugs
  • Revival Lightning bug
  • Audio bugs
  • Various minor changes
      Known Issues


  • Combining multiple Ability Boosters can have strange results.
  • Booster Icons could look better…

Remember, Rearmed now has Multiplayer – you should challenge your friends!


  1. Oh ddaaaaaammnnnn. I gotta try this out. Thanks for the update Daniel ^-^ That ice spike booster is perfect for Vandheer.

    1. Daniel, some questions/suggestions:

      1. Have you ever thought of enemy or boss types that deflect or counter attacks? Such as shield/guardian mobs, a new boss, maybe Vandheer himself.

      2. At the moment, Survival is rather limited in its offerings, so I was wondering if you could give us the ability to customize settings on Survival? Some things players could tweak could be enemy level, which mobs can be on the field, which boss can be on the field, how many bosses/mobs can be on the field etc.

      3. You mentioned a Nebula character before. You were saying how his movesets were really cool. Is he coming out in this game or another installment?

      4. Could there be Local co-op?
      4.5. Online modes?

      1. Btw found a BUG: In The Slope, I can use the Less Gravity booster and Vandheer’s air spikes to infinitely be airborne and go out of the map.

  2. Hey Daniel. Massive update u released (8.14). Gonna run through it all againXD

  3. hey Daniel, i was wondering if your ever going to open a merch store?

  4. Hey Daniel. You have an unfinished level after a Bonus flag in lvl 16 in the Cave.

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