Local Multiplayer Update

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Local VS Multiplayer has been added to Rearmed! First to 3 KO’s wins the match. Supports gamepads and keyboards.
It might take some time to nail the balancing so I’d love to get some feedback on how VS Mode feels. I hope there are not a lot of cheap tactics.

Here’s the update log:

Features & Updates

  • Local VS Multiplayer
  • New Music Track for Multiplayer
  • Ice Spikes breakable


Fixes & balancing

  • !!! ??? removed
  • Vandheer balacing
  • Player recovery changes
  • Gamepad Bugs
  • Various Bugs


  1. Just rediscovered this series. Used to play it back in middle school over and over. The game looks amazing and I am very happy it has multiplayer at all, though versus was not what came to mind when I found out. I was expecting multiplayer survival or something like that. But despite this, I doubt the game will disappoint.

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