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Firstly – Blockpocalypse was a complete BLAST at PAX Australia this year! Blockpocalypse is currently in Steam Greenlight and needs your vote! So please check out Blockpocalpyse and voteYES on Greenlight!


Vote ‘YES’ for Blockpocalypse!

Now, onto PAX Australia 2015!

Armed with Wings Rearmed was picked for the PAX Aus Indie Showcase! The weekend has come and gone, and it was a COMPLETE SUCCESS and an absolute blast! Thank you to everybody who was able to attend (all you Aussie folk).

An ocean of PAX Aus attendees

The Melbourne Exhibiton Centre was packed during the weekend and the Armed with Wings booth was VERY popular. Never a dull moment as myself, Steve, Shaun and Alex were completely swamped in a sea of gamers, cosplayers, journalists and press members! We even had people from Microsoft, Sony, Autodesk and IGN swing by. Interviewers were queuing up, after I finished with one, the next was waiting. I was also completely taken by surprise by the sheer amount of people who had played Armed with Wings previously. There was a guy who had played AwW when he was 10 years old, now as an adult 2015 he’s studying games design.

The Armed with Wings booth was 3×3 meters which is actually quite big. PAX supplied me with a 55″ TV, a bar table and two stools. I brought with me the following:
2 tables, 2 milk crates, 2 computer moniters, 3 Alienware computers (2 of my own laptops, and a friends Area 51), 3 power boards and extension leads, 3 PC speaker+subs, 3 Xbox 360 controllers, tons of stationary and black table cloths. The booth looks like:

This is the Armed with Wings Booth

We run a competition during the Saturday and Sunday, top 5 survival scores win a Steam key. We even gave away a $30 JB discount card on the Saturday. This turned out to be super successful in bringing players back every couple of hours, and a great way to build relationships with these players – Never doubt the spirit of competition during a trade show! There was a specific gear load-out locked down for PAX – The weapon used was the ‘Abbott’ and the equip gear was ‘Extended Combo’ and ‘Speed Charge’. On Sunday, the highest score was 5000+ on wave 9. I struggled to reach that myself!

Our Saturday winner!

Here’s a roundup of all the interviews and previews that have been published online by various sites. Fans of AwW, these are worth looking through – you might learn some new things about the game. More of these articles/videos will surface this week, so I’ll keep this list updated as it comes!

Geeksnack – Interview
Geeksnack and I discuss the origins of Rearmed.
Read the interview here on Geeknack

ImpulseGamer – Samurai Limbo on Steroids
Interview with ImpulseGamer about my experiences and developing Rearmed.
Read the interview here on

Tech Geek – Rearmed impressions
Tech Geek goes hands on with the Rearmed demo at PAX and gives thoughts and impressions.
Read the article here on Tech Geek

Another – Castle Interview
Amazing interview with these guys. I’m so impressed with the final cut – pacing is lovely, nice footage!
Checkout their website:

IGN – Interview
Luke from IGN AU came by the booth with a sweat camera rig on Friday. An amazing moment to be recognized by IGN.

PAX Aus 2015 was a blast and a complete success. We gave out all of our business cards and sold a whole bunch of Rearmed steams too! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any gaming event in the future – after having a taste of PAX, I want more! Big thanks to the PAX Aus team for organizing such an amazing event.


Note to Early Access Players
I’ve only just caught up with all of post-PAX stuff, admin work, emails and blogs… I’m now free to continue development of the game. Expect the next update on the 22nd of November.



  1. Hey Daniel. It is so great to hear the success you had at PAX Aus. I wish you the best of luck in the future as your work becomes more and more well-known. You’re going in the right direction ^-^. For now I kind of just want more levels XD

    1. Author

      Hi Alex!

      Thanks for the kind words! The next update will feature a more intense 2nd Boss battle. I’ve added more moves to the Boss as well as encouraging different strategy for taking him down. Should be able to get some more levels in for the next update too – or at least extend some of the shorter levels.

      1. I am delighted at the news. I will continue to follow your game and its future updates ^-^.

  2. The game being such a huge success in the event is great and an ign review that’s awesome i can’t wait for the update (if you still remember i told you that i was going to finish all te levels 15 times before the next update i have 12.5 more (currently playing) prepare the exclusive steam achievment :p )

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