[UPDATE – 0.7.10] Better 2nd Boss!

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New update is live on Steam build 0.7.10! This is the first update since showcasing Rearmed at PAX Australia earlier this month – thank you to everyone being so patient.

Here’s the change list:

Features & Updates

  • 2nd Boss update
  • Level 17 expanded
  • Tutorial level updated
  • Pulleys added

Fixes & balancing

  • Major memory leak plugged
  • Survival crashing
  • Hitting rocks
  • Various bugs

The latest update brings more stability to the experience. I plugged a memory leak that caused the game to become more laggy the longer you keep playing. I’ve also weeded out some annoying bugs and crashes that were present especially in Survival Mode.

A number of levels have also been adjusted and expanded based on the feedback from PAX. The tutorial level is slightly different towards the end, and level 17 has now been completely transformed.

The 2nd Boss was introduced quite recently, but until now it’s been a boring encounter. This update vastly improved the fight by adding more attacks and attack patterns which will cause players to adjust their strategy. It’s far more engaging and I look forward to getting some feedback!

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I’d love to hear your feedback on this update! Please comment below or participate in the discussion at the Sun-Studios Forums.[www.sun-studios.net]

For now that is all the news. Next update will go up in 2 weeks on the 6th of December!


  1. Thank you for the update^-^. The 2nd boss needed that overhaul. I happily await for your next update. Will Vandheer Lorde ever get a buff? He seems less formidable than the 2nd boss. Seems a tad anticlimatic to have the Master sword just mow Lorde down.

  2. Good to see the blog is still active, rearmed was tons of fun so far by the way, not a purchase I regret, thanks. Anyway, will this blog also be the source of info for post-rearmed AWW projects (arena/survival,THE BIG ONE)? If so, I also wanted to confirm that AWW arena is still a thing that will happen someday, right?

    1. Author

      Awesome! Great to hear you’ve enjoy the game so far. Armed with Wings Versus MAY be it’s own game, or it may be merged with the BIG ONE – not certain yet, probably the latter. It makes sense to me include a huge VS mode element into the BIG ONE as it will have a large roster – the idea is to get every character in the game (hugely ambitions I know lol)

  3. Hey guys Sun Studios, the game was exceptional; I hope to have several updates because I finished it in one day xD congratulated for the great job.
    (Sorry for my english, I’m still learning)

    1. Author

      Hi Pedro,

      Thanks for playing Rearmed! We’ve got a big new updating coming with a playable Vandheer Lorde 🙂

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