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Sadly, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been VERY busy moving offices. More info on the over at the Sun-Studios blog here.

The good news however is…


Rearmed is coming to PAX Melbourne!! I submitted Rearmed into the PAX Aus Indie Showcase and was lucky enough to be one of the 6 winning games to be showcased! This is a huge step forward for Armed with Wings. If you happen to be coming to Pax Aus 2015, swing by the booth and lets high five 🙂


  1. I’m not in Australia :/ I would love to see the reactions of people playing your game thought.

  2. This game’s community is going to become massive it expends everyday i would love to go there but i won’t be able to (i would spend all my time on armed with wings i guarantee that)can you share some pictures of the event when it’s over?

  3. Hey Daniel! i was wondering if i bought this early access, will i still but the finished version? and any update on the Big One? I’m really impressed on how the good the rearmed version is(i watched the gameplay)!

    1. Author

      Yup you’ll get the full version, as well as all the updates I do leading up to the final version!

  4. Hey Daniel! It’s been a while since you’ve posted on your blog, and the fact I haven’t commented on your updates. I am pleasantly surprised with the new enemy types and attack patterns. Even with the Master Sword I feel pressured in Futile Mode. Tutorial and level intros are more streamlined and stylish. When I first met the lvl 21 boss, I panicked because I didn’t know if I should run or not. It was a bit scaryXD The Bonus Goal concept has potential, but to me, unless the levels are longer and more complex, there is no reward to getting the Goals. The extra bonus points are fun to earn though ^-^

    A few suggestions:

    1. Maybe you should add some new attack patterns for the stronger enemies, or maybe completely new enemies exclusive to Futile Mode. Futile gives off the feeling that it will be extremely hard to complete, so therefore I’d think you have to spice it up with some surprises. Even with the new mobs, I could still probably speed run Futile in under twenty minutes with Master.

    2. Tying in with 1., the lvl 21 boss (as you mentioned on your Steam page)needs some variety. You could maybe add that variety into Futile Mode. Some possible attacks the boss could do is a leaping attack/body slam attack(to counter your Up+power atk), or a fire-breathing ranged attack (maybe you could chain it with his rolling attack after he pops out of the ground). With the higher level swords you can quickly jump over or run away from the lvl 21 boss in its current state, so these attacks may teach some players a lesson in Futile Mode.

    3. Finally, Vandheer Lorde seems like the boss that gets in the way the most now. You’ve improved all the boss fights but him. He may have more attack variation, but he’s human-sized.

    The larger bosses require less attacks because they cover such a large area. Vandheer Lorde is just too small in body and power, and with such a big arena to fight him, it’s too easy. He needs speed and ferocity. His attacks should be on a scope that’s larger than the other bosses. He’s the king that quelled the rebellion, and just him walking towards you calmly doesn’t seem to sell it.

    It is fine if you don’t improve the current Vandheer Lorde fight, as I am sure the second round against him and his blade will be far more satisfying then right now. I have some ideas if you are looking to refine Vandheer’s fight

    1) in Futile mode (1. again), you could maybe increase Vandheer Lorde’s movement speed or possibly just make him constantly running. His dash attack can be easily outrun.

    2) Maybe increase his teleport casting speed.

    3) Increase speed of blue orbs so it’s harder to deflect.

    4) Some attack suggestions (which you can modify if you use these ideas): constant teleporting for x amount of times left and right of ur character, shooting blue orbs at you; A ground slam that has pillars of fire progressively moving in one direction; parry move where a bubble forms around him. If you hit the bubble, he’ll blast you back; uppercut that sends you straight up in the air. (optional: Vandheer may have a x% chance to immediately follow up with the giant wave attack.) These attacks could be exclusive to his anti-flinch mode.

    I’m loving the direction you’re taking this game Daniel. Keep it up!

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