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If you have NOT yet purchased Armed with Wings Rearmed, now is your chance to get:

Armed with Wings Rearmed with 5 additional games in the

IndieGala Monday Bundle!!
You can pay $2, or you can pay $20 – you choose!



The latest update build 0.7.5 is here! This build addresses many of the new issued that popped up from the recently added ‘leaping’ mechanic. The game has never been more stable with many annoyances removed. I’ve also included an enemy health bar which will appear above the enemy closest to the player.

Here is the full list:


  • Enemy health bar

Fixes & balancing

  • Futile enemies harder
  • Damaged enemies bounce off walls
  • Roll attacks deal 1 damage
  • Fixed Vandheeer health bug
  • Fixed Enemy1 rolling off edge
  • Various bugs

In other news, we’re tearing down our studio and moving…




  1. Where are you going to move Daniel? I assume it would be someplace better, but who knows. . .:p The list of fixes did address my complaints and I’m glad they were fixed. Can’t wait for new content, especially new levels and Vandheer gameplay. The higher difficulty of the enemies adds a surprising amount of challenge even with the Master sword. I’m pleasantly surprised you were able to balance it so well in survival. I just expected Master to forever be that one “invincible” weapon, but that’s not the case. You truly live up to my expectations. Thank you so much and I look forward for more news^-^

  2. hey daniel, do you have a guess when you will add in vandheer lordes gameplay?
    oh and if we already bought the game do we still have to buy the other games or do we just update?

    1. Author

      Hi Bjorn,

      I’m currently working on new boss battles. The next update will include a new Boss on level 27. I’m also preparing animations for the 2nd Vandheer boss battle.
      I’d like to get the 2nd Vandheer battle implemented before I start working on a playable Vandheer. Hopefully, a playable Vandheer will be included in perhaps, not the next update, but the following 🙂

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