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I usually spend my weekends working on Armed with Wings. That’s where I sink in most hours. Last weekend I didn’t work on Armed with Wings, sadly… However… I did compete in the #IndiesVsGamers GameJam with my artist buddy Alex Falconer! A Jam that lasted 72 hours! Alex and managed to produce one of the BEST games I’ve ever made – in my most humble opinion.

I present to you….



It’s a top down escort shooter. Your a biker with a gun, and your one job is to protect the VIP limo – don’t let enemy destroy it! Grab some xbox controllers and 4 buddies for ultimate fun.

We are extremely happy with how this game turned out. Please play it, and if you like it give it a ‘5’ on GameJolt.

Check out the game on www.motorcadegame.com
Give it a ‘5’ on GameJolt

Anyways… I did have a chance to work on Rearmed before this Jam began. I decided I’m going to focus on levels for the coming update. I’ve already begun adding more to level 5! The level is already x4 bigger than before. I hope to add more treatment to other levels, and maybe get some new levels in too for the next update.

For now, this is all.


  1. Wow that game looks really stylish. I’ll try it later. To make such an addicting-looking game in 3 days! That’s very impressive. Good job Daniel!

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