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Alex, thank you for your comment! sometime I find large posts intimidating because I’m so slow at writing myself. But none the less, I take much delight in reading these large posts! It makes me happy that you’re so interested in seeing what is coming next – and so here is my response to your suggestions!

You can see the original comment here.

Bosses in Armed with Wings Versus

Boss Battles makes perfect sense for AwW Versus. What would be interesting to see is the unique, larger bosses return: Skull Boss from AwW3, Lvl6 Boss from AwW1… Even new ones like a Giant Snake!

Snake boss would be CRAZY!!!!


I feel that other playable characters should be AI controlled opponents too. The issue with that is creating these characters to be both playable and AI controlled is actually difficult. I achieved this in Culmination with Vandheer, but the code was a horrible disaster. There may need to be semi-major code changes to the way players currently work. None the less its totally possible so it’s likely to happen.

Regarding new animations for existing characters, this will not be likely for AwW Versus. Most characters move set will be adjusted/altered in the way they previously control. But make no mistake, I will definitely recreate all animations for THE BIG ONE.

Make Network a playable character

Yes, Network will be playable! Network rocks such a cool skillset – veeerryy powerful! Ever since I created him, I thought to myself “I’d love to play as this!”.

I also felt that he was too easy to beat in AwW3. So as an opponent, Network will be more challenging.

Add more playable characters

I have plans to include the following characters: Leo (done), Lone Warrior (done), Vandheer, Eivana, Hawkin, Network. This is only a handful of characters, but it’s doable. I would like to continue support for this game post launch too, so may more characters can be included!

Have more enemy types

Regarding enemy types, I’ve developed 2 new dark creatures: Standard and ranged monster. I’ll be adding more dark creatures, including the flying ones from Culmination (they won’t be so annoying this time). Additionally, I’ll be including the human soldiers from AwW1, 2 and 3 – Swordsmen, Spearmen, Archers and more. AwW Versus is a celebration of the Armed with Wings series, so naturally I must include both imperial Soldiers and Dark Creatures.

Hope this response is insightful! Have a good day!


  1. Hey Dan This is Just A Suggestion (You Dont Really have to Apply Them But If You Would……………..That would be awesome)
    Can You make Characters Have Transformations Like Lone Warrior Transforming into Armed With Wings Or Even Leo, Or I Would Always Like to See A Evil Version of Lone Warrior(That Would be So Cool) Or Any other Good character, Hell You Could Even Do A Black Mist mode In Which Enemies Get Super Strong When Their HP is Low in Harder Levels, Though These are just suggestion It Would Be Awesome if You Apply Them.

    1. Author

      I’ve had that same idea for awhile too! It will happen in the upcoming games. Perhaps not in AwW Versus, but there may be AwW Leo and LoneWarrior as separate characters.

      1. At what time are your livestreams? I’m thinking of participating in a few if time allows.

        1. Author

          I don’t have any set time for Live Streaming. It’s definitely something I’d like to make a regular thing but can’t atm due to my life/work arrangements. I’ll do a blog post about it once I’ve worked it all out.

          1. What time zone are you in? One of your livestreams was broadcasting on FaceBook and I waited until 10:30 PM over here.

  2. Could you make combat more like culmination? I thought that playing as Leo on the vid looked a little stiff, as he can’t do all the jumps and air combos like Lone warrior does.

    1. Author

      I think you’ll find Leo to be rather fluid. Certainly he is more stiff than Lone Warrior, but in return he’s more powerful.

  3. Hey there, Dan! I’ve always loved the AwW series, and I’m really excited about Versus and THEBIGONE!

    This looks really interesting, and reading this post, a question popped up in my mind… Will Lone Warrior have the same skillset he had in Culmination, the one he had in AwW 1, or something else entirely? What about Vandheer? He’s the only character to have been in every game so far, and in each game he had a different skillset (except for AwW 3 and Culmination, where he seems to use the same skills)

    1. Author

      Hello! He has the same moveset as he did in Culmination. Vandheer will have a slightly different moveset from Culmination, otherwise he’s too OP 🙂 I think i’ll make him play similar as he did in AwW2.

      1. Oh, I really liked his AwW2 skills! Being able to mix punches, kicks, swordplay and special attacks like that made me replay the game over and over.

  4. give one of the characters archer abilities-so that the flying enemies don’t have to be leveled down.

  5. For one, I thank you for taking the time to read my uncomfortably long comment (even I thought it was a bit much). Secondly, just some quick questions, with all this new info you’re mentioning about future additions to the AwW celebration, will there be more footage for non-Patreon donators to feast their eyes upon? And also, will we be able to see your short animated AwW films, among other things, that are for only Patreon donators at post-launch of THEBIGONE?

    1. P.S. You say you usually work alone, and team up with a few other people once in a while. Are you working with a team on your current projects or not? Why? I’m being a bit nosy, but I’m curious on how devs, even an indie dev like u, work every day.

      1. Author

        I’m working with some friends on other projects, I’ve got 2 games in VERY early stages. Otherwise I’m mostly focused on AwW and contract work 🙂 Contract work pays the bill, but I hope future AwW games will start to earn me a decent income.

    2. Author

      There will be more content for non patreons all the time 🙂 The stuff that I do put on Patreon, that will likely stay on patreon exclusively – I may share some of it after it’s been consumed on patreon for a few weeks – but the idea of patreon is that the content is exclusive to them as thanks for support. $5 will allow you to see LOTS of cool stuff – you won’t get early game builds but you will get a lot of WIP art, animation and me rambling in depth about AwW.

  6. Please do co-op modes , it would be unrealistic to cool! I love your style ! 2 player please!se!

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