Armed with Wings Rearmed

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I’ve talked about about the Remastered edition of Armed with Wings 1. It now has an official name: Armed with Wings Rearmed!

Rearmed indeed. This game has vastly improved upon the original!

  • New graphics
  • New sound and music
  • New levels
  • New cut scenes
  • Bonus content

Keep your eyes peeled for a trailer. Also, I’ll be submitting the game to Steam GreenLight very soon!



  1. Hello Dan. I can’t wait to try AoW Rearmed in a more eye-pleasing presentation again. Will there be different animations and challenges this time around, or will it be a reskin of the original? I honestly don’t care, as AoW was the one that set off this whole series, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could tweak one or two movesets for a different experience the next time around. Also, will you ever incorporate some form of 3D lighting and physics engine to your games?

    1. Author

      Hey Alex,
      Armed with Wings Rearmed features updated graphics and animations! All the levels have a facelift, everything is looking pretty! I’ve updated some of the old animations like the Lvl6 boss and the eagle. The Lone Warrior is still using the same animation set, but I hope to include some new attacks 🙂 Basically, anything that doesn’t look good from the original will be updated. Additionally, there will be new levels, new music and new cutscenes! A lot to look forward to in Rearmed!

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  2. in my opinion men you should leave fully black ( the characters) because thast give it a more mysterious aspect more cool thinked men

  3. armed with wings has no jumps but in this game it’s totally perferto for me

  4. armed with wings has no jumps but in this game it’s totally perfect for me

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