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Good news everyone!

Remember how I previously mentioned the Armed with Wings Remix? Well, it’s now called Armed with Wings Versus! Additionally, it’s coming soon and could even be in your hands today!

Armed with Wings Versus

This new game in the series is a celebration really – Multiple characters, multiple modes, multiple battle arenas and more! It’s you versus the horde – pick a character and rip ’em to bits!

Rather nifty gameplay eh? Those things falling from the sky are called Thorn Stones. They act as a Dark Creature Vessel, spawning monsters from the ground.

Check out some of the new enemies to be added:


The idea is to release the game this year with limited content, and continually supporting the game via updates. That means you get to play more Armed with With sooner – and you can even shoot me suggestions to include in updates!

HOWEVER, if you cannot wait until it’s release, there is a way to get early access into the alpha! Keep reading to find out how (This is where I get to segue into….)


I’ve just launched a Patreon Campagin! If you’re not familiar with Patreon then listen up, because IT’S IMPORTANT. Patreon is a platform for you guys to supports creators like me. It’s similar to Kickstarter – but instead you donate monthly (or once) to keep supporting me throughout long term.

Donations will REALLY help to keep me working on Armed with Wings – and trust me that is all I want to do. A sucsessful Patreon campagin will mean more Armed with Wings in the form of Games, Animations, Comics, Music…

The cool part is this, you get rewarded for your donation! I am constantly adding new content to my Patreon page that is only available to Patrons (those who support me on Patreon)!

– Early Access to my games – Yes, a early copy of Armed with Wings Versus is available for download on Patreon, along side AwW Remastered.

– Cool WIP animations – Want to see some animated fight scenes between Vandheer, Leo, LoneWarrios and Nebula? I put up another video today – a storyboard of Leo and Nebula hacing their first encounter.

– Sketch Book PDFs – I’ve got so many sketch books I’ve filled up over the years, years spent designing characters for AwW. Wonna see? Patreon!

– Get a physical Sketchbook –  This one is special, each month I’ll be filling in a 30 page book for a special paton. I do my best to make sure each page is a work of art!

Please take a look at my Patreon page:

If you can, donate. If not, please share the page with others on social media 🙂 That would be lovely.

For now, that is all – More AwW new soon! Be sure to like the facebook page – cause I’m always posting stuff.


  1. That’s great news Daniel:D I would donate if I could to Patreon in a heartbeat, seeing how such a game has so much potential. The art, the fighting, the story (I need to refresh myself what the heck the story was about), and the characters are all so great. Seeing how your series has evolved to Culmination’s short but amazing gameplay (better than some downloadable beat-em-ups), I can’t wait to see your side entries in this odd theme, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Your ideas are so fresh and unique, that I’m dying to know how THEBIGONE will turn out after all these other entries that will surely pull me away from my Steam games for a while are released.

    Since you wanted suggestions, but I can’t donate you through Patreon, nor do I really use Facebook, I’ll suggest it here. The current state of Versus is on the short side, with few new types of enemies, and a decent assortment of characters. and I understand it’s not exactly final, but here are some things you could do to elongate the length of the arena:
    1.Bosses……not Vandheer Lorde or Lone Warrior…No, I’m talking about ALL the bosses. Everything that you put effort in in your past games: Red Moon, AWW1-3, and Culmination, should be added. Bring back the ideas you’ve left and look at them again, see how you can improve your old projects, and incorporate them in the arena. Update animations, remodel figures, and create new movesets that further makes it difficult to get to the end. You can even bring back some of the old grunt enemies like the spearmen in AWW1-2, or those zombie-like dudes in Red Moon (I haven’t played Red Moon in years so it might be inaccurate).
    Bosses could appear once every few waves, whether it’s just one Vandheer Lorde, or Vandheer Lorde, Lone Warrior, and Nebula together. Maybe the final level has all the playable characters including you versus all the bosses and Network.
    2. MORE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: Leo, Lone Warrior, Vandheer Lorde are already a nice assortment, but people like Eivana, Hawkin, and Nebula could be added (Hawkin and Nebula…maybe not, but it’s worth a shot). You could even use some bosses as playable characters, though it’s up to you whether you want to work on making the bosses playable for us. You can also add different versions of characters as separate , playable people. You could have Vandheer Lorde with the 5 blades from AWW2, or the angelic version of Leo at the end of AWW3. Heck, there could even be a version of Eivana when she is under the Red Moon.
    3. More Mob concepts: Since you only have one new mob concept that I’ve seen in the video, here are some possible new ones:
    Teleporting mobs can teleport like Vandheer Lorde in Culmination Hard towards you until they’re within range to attack.
    Ranged mobs (not recommended unless you can balance it) can hit you from afar, but damage isn’t as great and won’t interrupt you.
    Duplicating Mobs can multiply up to 3 copies, but they die quicker. This could be that extra boost to get a 60hit comboXD
    I hope I helped you and I’m sorry for typing so much and taking so much space up. I am excited for your releases in the future. I’ll go replay some AWW for now. I haven’t played them in years.

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