Armed with Wings Survival Game

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Followers of my Armed with Wings Facebook page might have seen some video of Leo in Culmination…. For the past few days I’ve been working on getting Leo into Culmination.

The reason? I intend to make an Armed with Wings Survival game in which Leo is a playable character!

The result… speaks for itself:

I’ll be working very hard to get this game out very soon! You guy’s deserve some more Armed with Wings!


  1. I apologize in advance for my English.I am polish. I use google translate.
    At the beginning of aww was a dark, and a very good story. No fairy tale for children. But… Suddenly appeared in Leo and he became the most important figure. Why? Becouse he… is? Aww stop be dark and interesting. It looks like some kind of cartoon emitted at cartoon network. It can start to deal with such figures as Hawkin or Quema Tormenta instead of creating a new artificial characters.

    1. Author

      I’ll make sure I keep future games dark and mysterious 🙂 As for Leo, I hope in future games to change your mind about him. Thank you so much for the feedback.

    1. Author

      Yeah the double jump is of the Lone Warrior for the moment. Haven’t had a chance to create new animations just yet, so some of Leo’s missing animations are replaced with LW.

      1. I have a suggestion for Leo’s double jump. Make Leo just jump without a flip, making him vanish for 1/10 of a second and appear in the designated jump area. Go to the SSF2 Ichigo jump animation to see how they do it.

          1. You should take the same idea and possibly use it for the Lone Warrior as well as Leo. Cuz in Armed With Wings 3 the Lone Warrior teleported b4 he went after Vandheer Lorde. You think you’ll continue with the Lone Warrior? Maybe make a game on how he can get his powers back as Armed With Wings?

    1. Author

      New game coming before the year ends… As for the BIG ONE – sometime in 2014 🙂

  2. Just curious, but which will come out first? The original AwW(I don’t like calling it AwW 1 🙂 ), or the survival game?

  3. This serie of games is awesome. (particulary the third AWW and culmination). Btw the most badass skill is the teleporting one. You just have to keep it in there. Leo was seriously badass flashing all over battlefield (as was Vandheer but his was too OP. Appearing right behind enemy to strike is just not fair). Lone warrior deserves something as awesome too(thought his ulti is probably even more badass and can work as teleport too). But well i trust you know what you are doing. After so many awesome games you just have to. And trusting on fan feedback is never good. They tend to want their idols overpowered 🙂

  4. The AWW series is fantastic. The storyline along with gameplay to match the style and feeling the game has me feel is incredible. Say, in the big game, maybe you could implement being able to play as leo, (or whoever will be armed with wings in the upcoming big game) when they are at their white angel-like form? Or maybe even network if he will be in the game. I just kind of feel that playing as one character with a few different obtainable powers throughout a game like this is a little bit tedious, which is why I loved being able to play as Vandeer Lorde in the culimation game. He changed the gameplay style, and got me engaged again. So maybe as an endgame reward you will be able to play through the game again, being able to choose between characters like, Network, Vandeer Lorde, Lone warrior, and whoever is armed with wings with the immensely powerful angel like form, to just feel powerful and enjoy yourself. Just a suggestion since I realize this is a bit of a stretch. 😛

    1. Author

      Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for the supportive words! I think it would be a fantastic idea to have playable characters in the Armed with Wings form. I’ve has this very same idea dance around in my mind also, perhaps one day it will be possible! Thank you again!

  5. Just a throwaway idea, what if Blackmist itself came into play. Maybe as a vagabond wandering your silhouette world.

  6. I love the AwW franchise. But I have not herd any recent news on the upcoming games. Working on it?

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