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  2. I am an admirer of your works. But, you need to increase your scope of creation towards more 3D and gyro-controls to make your games even more tremendous.
    Best of luck for your career.

  3. Website part confused me. I was just wondering though, could it be possible I could get the sprites for the characters? You know, the sprite sheets for some of animations I was thinking of. It’s all up to you, but I think it’d awesome. And what about Mugen? If you don’t know, it’s bascially a customizable fighting engine. I could give him the moves and throw him in there as a downloadable character.

    1. Author

      That’s actually a really good idea! In the past I had a plan to release the sprites in a BIG .fla library which then could be used to create sprite sheets or animations. I may do that in the future.

  4. Hey! a big fan of your work. I’d really like Ondray and/or Nebula to be a part of the game too. I read some of your comics too, and they would be awesome in a game.

  5. Hey dude. So, what do you think about an AWW game set in a more “nowadays” setting? I think it would work out pretty well, with Blackmist returning and stuff. I mean, at first, people thought the Souls games will only work well with a medieval setting, and then BAM!, incomes Bloodborne. What do you think of that/

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