AwW Concept speed art

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Armed with Wings is beautifully illustrated in this new speed video! I hope as I develop the BIG ONE, it will reflect this clean, detailed silhouette style. Of course the BIG ONE is still far from reality – but consider this a peak into the future!

The final artwork can be seen here:


  1. Hello Daniel Sun. My younger brother and I are big fans of the Armed with Wings series, and are extremely excited for your new game, and patiently wait for its release.

    When my brother told me that Smoking Martillo was supposed to be in it, I was instantly hooked. Even though I saw him in one game, he instantly became my favorite character, and inspired me greatly. However, whenever my brother and I discuss fan-scenarios about AWW characters, I tend to make Martillo a lot more laidback and lazy than he might actually be, lol. I also tend to think he sounds like Johnny Depp voicing Jack Sparrow. Is that odd?

    I always imagine him saying “That’s SMOKING Martillo to you” in the same tone that Jack Sparrow would say “CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow” in the movies.

    My brother and I think Vandheer Lorde is one of the coolest villains around. His design sure helps in that! Since the characters faces aren’t shown much, with the exception of Red Moon and AWW 3, I like to imagine Martillo looking like Alucard from Hellsing, without shades, red eyes, and glasses, and Armed with Wings/Lone Warrior looking like Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach.

    As you can see from how long this comment is, and what I’ve said, I’m pretty excited to finally find your website here, and be able to have a chance of speaking to you, lol. My brother might leave a comment too, and a much longer one at that!

    Keep up the good work! You’ve got a special talent, and my brother and I support you!

    1. At the moment he is re-doing AwW 1, and I’ve heard that it will be coming out soon :).

      1. Author

        Indeed I hope to release the old games with updated graphics, less bugs, more performance and new levels. But before that, an AwW VS Survival game :). After all that will come the BIG ONE, which currently is in preproduction.

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