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I have good news! Armed with Wings will be returning THIS YEAR!


Since the release of Culmination in 2011, I’ve been somewhat busy furthering developed characters, story and artsyle all to prepare for THEBIGONE – more news on at the bottom.


In the meantime I’ve got two other projects in the works:

Armed with Wings 1 Remastered (not final title)


This is a vast improvment on the original game featuring the following NEW content:

  • Updated art/Animation
  • Additional Levels
  • New Audio
  • New Animated cutscenes

This game will be release first, and it will be a side by side release with my new website. Expect it soon, with active dev blogs starting next week right here on

Armed with Wings Remix (also not final title)


Remix is still rather early in development, it’s final direction not fully planned yet either.

Features include:

  • Leo playable
  • Lone Warrior playable
  • Vandheer playable
  • Survival deathmatch

I’ve also got local multiplayer vs mode working in some capacity – and it’s FUN – rather smashbros like. With that said, it may only be included in a standalone, downloadable version. UNLESS I can find someone who could add online functionality – that would be cool!


The Ultimate Armed with Wings game… the BIG ONE! Still in very early stages. This will be a huge effort in which I will require much time and money in order to truely realize. As I’m looking at various funding options I really hope that fans of my games might be willing to participate in crowd funding on somekind. Would you support Armed with Wings?


That’s about all I have for today. Please take the time to share this article to fellow gamer friends and anyone else really. Would be much appreciated!


  1. Hooray! So glad you’re still going!

    I don’t know how I could help, but if you ever need a law grad give me shout

  2. Yo, Daniel, it’s been a while since I commented. I feel happy you are close to finishing Your project. Hopefully, I can play a great game sometime in the future, and I am proud to say it was made by Sun Studios. I still love armed with wings, even as a junior in high school right now. So don’t lose your way, and keep moving forward.

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