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Good point my friends… good point indeed.


The above image are some comments posted to my ArmedwithWings facebook page. Culmination was released November 2011… Since that time I’ve not yet released a new Armed with Wings game. I have reasons why, but this blog post isn’t about that….

2-3 years has gone in a blink of an eye, BUT it  is a longtime especially for someone who is 15-16. I imagine I have many teenage fans who have been waiting and waiting – I’m so sorry! I do hope you find refuge in my facebook posts.

I want to let everyone know that Armed with Wings is will come! It’s been far too long and I MUST produce more games. But here is the thing… I need your help!

I plan on launching a Patreon this month. Patreon is a platform SIMILAR to Kickstarter – in which it exists to raise money for creative people to produce things. The idea is that you donte money every month from as little as $1 – $XXXX to help support creative producers like myself. In return, you are contributing to projects you love and want to see.

In my case, this will help greatly. Time is money, thus I hope that Patreon will help to tip the scales in the favor of Armed with Wings. I’ve got some cool reward ideas + perks for those who donate: things like immediate access to my development builds, inclusion in game credits, artwork requests, sketch book giveaways… lots of things to be excited about.

Here are some example patreons:

Yotam Animations – Some random animator I found on Patreon – examples of reward perks.

OpenFL – I’m personally a Patron for this framework – Allows me to create powerful games using the familiar Flash-style game development flow. They don’t have very good reward perks (which is fine by me, I just want to help the guys who make these tools)

Enough about Patreon… lets move onto:

Character Sheets

Earlier this year I decided I needed a Character Sheet for EVERY Armed with Wings character. You may have seen a few already, here is a new one:



Here is a rough one:


My friends, as part of creating an Armed with Wings Art Bible – I need every character down. The ‘BIG ONE’ is still in early phases, I need to have everything COMPLETELY cemented in design.

That’s all I have time for this morning. I’ll be updating this blog weekly.
I’ll leave you with a reminder of whats happening on my end:



  1. I think a good game should not be rushed. It takes time for ideas and quality to take form. Rushing to finish a game will only produce something that is similar to the older versions with the motive of simply wanting another version. Look at the game Raze, Raze 1 was great, Raze 2 was fantastic but Raze 3 is merely acceptable, there are lags, bad graphics, confusing game plots, unanswered questions. The authors simply made a game that borrows on the plot of the previous 2 versions and modified some weapons and the entire gaming experience was unsatisfactory.

    So all the best Daniel! I first played Armed with Wings at the age of 18, now after 3 years I’m still a fan, because I don’t mind waiting for a good game 🙂

    1. A big reason why Daniel hasn’t done too much is the funding. He only had his Patreon for so long. But I agree. Daniel, your art direction is possibly my favorite one I’ve seen. Seeing a dev such as you that makes these hand-crafted art backgrounds is extremely unique. I just realized how tired i am from seeing ultra-realistic/cartoony mainstream games. I do hope you can finish your games (THEBIGONE) as soon as you know you nailed it.

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