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Armed with Wings Rearmed launched into Early Access in May 2015. The game has since been radically improved, revamped and further polished! A massive high five to all the Early Access adopters who have contributed to Rearmed with invaluable feedback and player testing. I hope that I’ve provided you guys with an enjoyable experience – it’s only getting better from here! There are more major updates to come, Im working my hardest to have the game ready in Q1 2016.

2015 marked the return of Armed with Wings. Rearmed (the first AwW title to be released since 2011) launched into Early Access, was picked to Showcase at PAX Aus 2015 and has even been covered by 2 printed magazines, IndieGameMag and PCPowerPlay! Since Early Access Launch I’ve delivered 12 content updates. Let’s take a look at how much as changed in Armed with Wings Rearmed.

Rearmed’s combat system has been drastically expanded with new moves, more power attacks and a complex dodging system. Enemies have also been upgraded with more complexity and attack patterns. The idea is to make the player feel like a complete anime-style, samurai bad ass. Play testing at PAX Aus certainly indicates that the new Combat is on point!

The old boring Combat System…

Super fast and fluid new Combat System!

Earlier in Jan 2016 I introduced a new playable character – the main antagonist, Vandheer. Perhaps this is the most exciting feature added to Rearmed. Vandheer is aggressive, fast and fluid, yet difficult to master. His moveset is influenced by his previous skills in other AwW titles, yet distinctively new and very much Rearmed.

Vandheer stomping units in 2016!

The original Armed with Wings has 12 levels. Rearmed launched with 25 levels. Rearmed now currently has 30 levels. 5 extra levels may not seem like a huge increase – but half of the existing levels have been greatly expanded with new areas and multiple starting and exit points.

Slide down some new slopes!

More features

New enemies have been introduced to address the repetitiveness of combat, and encouraging players to change strategy based on the enemy behavior. Razor is familiar to the regular Soldiers, but more cautious and quicker. The Skull Flame enemy is a replacement for the Bomber. I did have plans to improve the Bomber, but thought it would be better to get some more monster creatures in the game.
Finally, A new Boss battle was included to fill a mission void in the 2nd half of the game. Previously, Rearmed felt very empty with only 2 Bosses. I plan to launch with at least 4 Boss encounters.

Razor, Flame Skull and a new Boss Battle

The Menu system and User Interface has been revamped! The old Menu failed to address the player in a few ways: Some players disliked how Story Mode would always start from the beginning. Even though there was a Level Select, most people wanted to ‘continue’ their game. The new Menu has better UX, and looks x10 more slick.

Rearmed is restyled for 2016

Survival Mode has not received much love from me since EA Launch. A new Survival Arena has been added to inject more life and variance into Survival mode. Actually, in the process of adding this new arena, I’ve made it more simple to add additional arenas. Expect more!

Try out the new Survival arena, The Cliff.

2016 will be bright for Rearmed! The game is constantly improving, and visibility on Steam is improving steadily. Brace yourself for future updates as the game draws closer to completion.
The next update will deliver the Final Battle with Vandheer. Expect more Story sequences, more levels, weapons and perks.

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  1. Hey Daniel. You’ve come a long way from where Rearmed first started, and it’s amazing how much the game has evolved over the course of its Early Access. I can’t wait for more updates, expansions, modes, and whatever else you have in store. Most of all: the conclusion.

    I do have a question about the conclusion:
    Assuming that Rearmed ends the same way as AWW1, will there not be any other AWWs that will get the “Rearmed” touch-up despite the possible cliffhanger Rearmed ending that hints at AWW2, which is a relic at this point?

    Is it possible that you might add AWW2, AWW3, Culmination, and/or Red Moon story in the current Rearmed? Maybe this AWW Rearmed could evolve and become a bundle of all the AWW games in the mini-verse but “Rearmed,” each with slightly different feelings, pacing, and such. I might be getting a little far-fetched, but once all that’s been Rearmed has been Rearmed, will there be continuations? (ofc I’m still waiting for THEBIGONE and Versus.)

    P.S. When will you think about teasing Versus and THEBIGONE? Versus had concept gameplay already, and THEBIGONE OMG SHOW US SOME CONCEPT ART AT LEAST D:

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