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Update 0.7.2 is Live on Steam!

First update in 2 weeks has just hit Steam! Many player have expressed interest in seeing a more complex battle system, similar to what I made in Culmination. I’ve taken big steps in that direction with this update! Attacks now span 2 buttons, [A] for attacks and [S] for power strikes. Hold the Up or Down arrow to perform different attacks, whether using normal attacks of power strikes! Discover new attacks by experiments with button + direction combinations!

You can read the full update list here.

Shout outs!

ThePixelEmpire for reviewing Rearmed AND reaching our for interview! I participate in a Q&A discussing the development and future of Rearmed – Check it out at the pixelempire.co.uk.

SplatterCatGaming for producing an amazing youtube video on Rearmed, which has already gotten 10k+ views! By far the biggest Rearmed video on youtube!

FreedomCGC community for reviewing Rearmed and for inviting me to guest on their Podcast Don’t Feed the Gamers! Listen to the Podcast HERE!

Sun-Studios and AwW fans For buying the game, playing the game, giving feedback and making youtube content! You guys are the frigging BEST!

Keep this blog on your radar cause I’m gonna be following up with some interesting posts on my First Steam Experience on Early Access 😀
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  1. Hey Daniel. Thank you so much for the Steam Key. I noticed however, a few bugs that appeared after your recent update.

    1. I can’t exit the game by Q in the menu.

    2. The Vandheer level cannot be chosen in the level select screen.

    3. The level before the Vandheer level doesn’t allow me to climb up the second ladder. Basically I’m stuck.

    4. The new Cave level has no image in the level select. It’s just black.

    On a more positive note ^-^…

    1. Your combat overhaul is very enjoyable and flashy. I see you used animations from Culmination, and the way you implemented it into Rearmed’s different control scheme is great, though it does takes some practice to execute the combo I want.

    2. Your level extension in level 4 and the Cave level is much appreciated. It elongates the Story mode just a bit longer;)

    3. The new skullhead animation is freaking sick. It’s really sneaky as it keeps on digging about. However, I find it a bit tricky to kill them since if you run up to them they just duck right under you, and this can go back and forth.

    4. Your extra smoke adds even more awesomeness:D

    5. Your update makes me pumped up to see the new modes coming out, the locked powers, Vandheer as a playable character, and the upcoming levels.

    Some ideas you could think about. . .

    1. Since Vandheer Lorde will be a future playable character, maybe he could have a different storyline? Idealistically you could even smack AwW2’s storyline and levels as Vandheer’s alternate storyline^-^ You could include some of his animations from Culmination too just like Lone Warrior.

    2. More bosses. I feel like this is one of the bigger things. I already mentioned Eivana, Hawkin, and The Blacksmith as possible candidates. It gives more variety in Survival mode and possibly more backstory and cutscenes in the Campaign. Nuff said.

    3. Survival mode might need to change in the future. After I got to round 33 with the Master it got kind of stale. Some possible solutions would be new mobs or bosses that focus on your weaknesses like backstabbing you, stun-locking you, or even kamikazes. The first few waves are also a bit arduous as I have to start at Wave 1 all the time. We could have difficulty levels to choose or Waves to start at.

    Love what you’re doing so far. I’m very excited for your future updates.

  2. Hello, it’s been a while. Great to hear that Re-Armed is on the works. It’s amazing to see how AWW has progressed. I am sure that you will have great success. I also hope that the AWW comic we talked about before will become a reality in the future. Anyway, hope everything is up soon, and hope the AWW Survival and the AWW collection is not dead. Is this THE BIG ONE Rearmed, or is it yet to come. Anyway, hope you see my posts and answer my questions. Anyway congrats on your awesome success, and peace out!

    From, a really big fan.

    P.S. I hope i can get some early sneak peeks to the comic if it ever happens.

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