Armed with Wings Rearmed Trailer

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The first trailer has been released! I present, Armed with Wings Rearmed!

Patrons, I’ll be uploaded a new build for you all to play!


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Daniel Sun I cannot wait. Will you only implement the A attack in Culmination in Rearmed, or are there other attacks we haven’t seen yet? But for whatever reason, I hope I can finally beat that lvl 6 boss and have better puzzles. I feel that this Rearmed version could be better than its AWW descendants. I have some questions though:

    Will there be the toggle between original and detailed art styles?

    Will there be more bosses?

    How many more bonus levels have you added compared to your original version?

    What are some key differences that you made in the experience that you think will immerse players more?

    Are there new mobs besides the updated models of old mobs? If so, would you mind telling us what they are?

    When is your planned release date for Rearmed?

    What are some plans you have in the future games like AWW Survival, THEBIGONE, the Arena one I forgot the name of it?

    1. Author

      😀 So happy to see your enthusiasm!
      1. There will be a toggle between the two visual styles (though I have not yet made it).
      2. Maybe :p
      3. There will be at least 8 new levels.
      4. Hard to say… everything has been improved after all. But, perhaps the new controls will be more straight forward than before.
      5. Currently there are no new enemies, but I plan to include some.
      6. The game will be released ASAP in 2015.
      7. Armed with Wings Versus will come after Rearmed (Versus is the survival game). More info on the BIG ONE later 🙂

  2. ………………OH MY GOODNESS………..VANDHEER LORDE LOOKS FREAKIN AWSOME!!!!!! Man, the way he is animated…. you can feel the energy, power, and weight in his movements. In fact all of the characters are animated beautifully, props to you man! Can’t wait=D
    (Also I love that the Lone Warrior is able to jump in this one, thanks!)

  3. Daniel Sun, his work in flash games are awesome, I got carried away to know that there will be a new game in the saga armed wings, you have so much potential, should start putting their games on Steam or something, I’m sure you and his studio would be much more recognized.
    (sorry my writing, my English is limited, so I used a translator.)

  4. Looks like Armed with Wings still doesn’t likes jumping! 😛

    Seriously, though. The trailer looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to play the game. I am excited to see all the news features and face the new puzzles and enemies.


  6. Will there be two modes of gameplay like playing as lone warrior and vandheer lorde and leo?

    1. Author

      LoneWarrior is the only playable character in Rearmed. AwW Versus will have multiple playable characters.

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