Lone Warrior vs Vandheer Lorde

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tribute_to_culmination_by_rck015-d5tusyuThe Lone Warrior facing off with the King Vandheer Lorde! This beautiful piece of art work was created by Rck015 from deviantart.com, please check out his profile and other work here: http://rck015.deviantart.com

I really admire this piece. It reminds me of certain details from Armed with Wings 1. Sometimes I forget that Vandheer’s Kingdom is well constructed, sharp and slick. Since Armed with Wings 3 – I’ve always drawn the world of Blackmist as a collapsed and¬†dilapidated place.

The touch of color is masterfully worked in, combined with strong lighting… I’ll be come back to this pictures as reference for adding color to my own art.


  1. How wonderful!! Hope I can cosplay Lone Warrior (Y)!!

  2. Can anyone tell me how to contact the developer. I want to make a fan game of Armed with Wings but I need his permission. I will give him full credit of the characters except my very on that I’m working on.

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