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Welcome everyone! Welcome to the official Armed with Wings website! I am Daniel Sun – the creator of the Armed with Wings series. This site will act as my vessel to deliver consistent updates on the ongoing development of Armed with Wings! I will note that this is only a temporary design… In time I will shoot this site with my Graphical Makeup Shotgun making it far more beautiful.

Armed with Wings is a series of short flash games released for browser. These games are built upon Flash technology and are totally free! The first game was release in April 2008… there are now 5 games in the series: Armed with Wings 1, 2, 3, Red Moon & lastly Culmination. If you’re yet to play these games, please go to the Flash Games page and PLAY THEM ALL!


The series is concluded with AwW 3, however there will be more games to come. Followers of my AwW Facebook page will know that there is to be a NEW Armed with Wings. For now, let us call it thee ‘BIG ONE’… It’s True! There will be a new Armed with Wings – but far more greater than all the previous games combined! It’s still in early phases – production is still yet to start… but isn’t that exciting in itself? I will document, blog, stream every step of development.

The new game as been in my mind since 2011. The ‘BIG ONE’ was supposed to be in development more than a year ago… but the reality is that reality is cruel. Bad news is that certain complications have delayed the production for over 12 months. In that time I was creating smaller games to sustain income – Samurai Autumn, Mega Boulder Rampage are a few of these projects. For more details on this depressing stage of my life read article I Cant Sleep.


The good news is that within those 12 months I’ve learned an unfathomable amount of knowledge not just limited to skillets… knowledge that will result in a far better game had I started development 12 months ago. A small door of opportunity has recently been opened and I can take the fullest advantageΒ if I play my cards right. The launch of this site is the beginning of great acts!

So I ask that you gather together and support me and in return I will reveal new details, artwork, ideas and opportunities to for you to be involved on may different levels.Β Making this game will be a huge journey and I want all my fans & followers of AwW to be able to witness the creative process.

Be prepared!


  1. looking forward to your great work, i hope to be among the first people to play and beat your new one when it comes, ps have you ever thought of making a manga/ web cartoon series of aww i think it would catch like wild fire and help us get a deeper feel for the characters. looking forward to your work and hope to see you on a livestream sometime

      1. Hey, I love your games!!! But when is it coming out on steam?! Are you still working on it? And sorry for my pushy ness, but do you know when we might AwW 2 on iphone?

      2. What happened to the comic? Did you finish it or is it stuck there at the chapter 7?
        If its done, please provide a link to it πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! I like this idea to create the website. I believe that new AWW game coming soon! πŸ™‚

  3. As I said, the site looks nice πŸ˜€ And can’t wait for the new game. Of course I’ll try to share some stuff here and there to get people interested :3

    BTW, I think it would be nice if you merged this comments with forum, I mean so registered users would just use their usernames and guests could still post like in News section. You’re prolly was going to do it anyway, I’m just making sure πŸ˜› If it’s not possible though, it’s ok with my ofc.

  4. I’ve been waiting for a long time πŸ™‚ AWW is always my favorite game. And I got many idea from the story πŸ˜€

    BTW I normally use internet explorer, but the font color is white and background is almost white, there is no specific background color….. ( I checked with Firefox and it has dark grey background ). So it is hard to read the post.

  5. Awesome website for an awesome flash game series, which I have enjoyed playing every single one of them, so I’m really looking forward to the next game as it will probably be even more epic πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful site, especially the background. I caught a preview of it on the Facebook page but seeing it as an actual site gives it a more awesome feeling. Hang in there, it does take a lot of work to make a game, but it all pays off. We’re all here to give you support πŸ™‚

  7. Dan, can you tell me about the story of AWW in detail? in which chronological order were there events? I want to write a dossier about this game on my website VK πŸ™‚

  8. I can’t tell how incredibly happy I got after discovering you would continue the awesome work you made with AWW. This serie has been part of my adolescence for sure. Looking forward to see what’s coming up and keep going with the great job! Regards from Brazil.

  9. Cheers! New official website of AWW! And it’ll be more beautiful in time! The “Big One” is coming! And an Oppotunity! I’m happy with the all good news! BTW, I love playing ACT game and I’m a fan of Chinese “RainBlood”,most of people in the forum of this game have played series of AWW,but it seem that they don’t know much about AWW,perhaps I can share some stuff of this game with their.

  10. i love the armed with wings series. Definitely the best set of flash games I’ve played πŸ™‚
    Armed with wings 3 and culmination are my best in the series. I also loved the cut scenes and voice acting in Red moon. I cant wait for the next one πŸ™‚

  11. Best mini game series I’ve played. You did it well. I looked everywhere in IOS App store and I didn’t find it. Dod you think it will be great? We glad to see this game in IOS.

    1. Author

      Hey Ozer! Sorry there is no Armed with Wings on IOS for the moment. But who knows what could happen in the future πŸ™‚

  12. Let it all go at Sun’s own pace Jesse. After all, HE is making the game. What do you want, a low quality remake of the Series done fast, or a slowly developed yet detailed and excellent version of the game? Us urging him just puts more stress on his workload.

    Oh, Sun, I’m writing a Book with “tiny” references to Armed with Wings. Do you want a page of honor in the book?

  13. A forum section would be great addition to the website! I have… a few suggestions I’d like to post here :).

  14. I guess since the AwW is more over there now than at the sun-studios site, and that currently there is no forum here, so untill (intentional misspell) then, Imight as well post my suggestions here πŸ™‚

    *Everything here has been copied and pasted from the original post found on the website with minor edits.
    I’ll start out with something I wouldn’t suggest doing. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge AwW 3 fan, except for the survival, which imo is the best part of the game and is amazing, but one of my problems with AwW 3 is that it looked like a game. I personally prefer AwW 2 over 3, and if culmination didn’t have such a great combat system, id say AwW 2 would be the best game. What I’m saying is, AwW 3 is a game, but AwW 2 is art. Not only does the combat system make you feel like you’re in control, but also makes the player feel alive and as if they were the character, not controlling a character in a computer game. AwW 1 shares this alive feeling with AwW 2, but AwW 2 does a better job of it.

    Really my point is, making it more like AwW 2 would make it better than making it more like AwW 3

    Next, Zooming in the Camera more on Armed with Wings as much as it is in AwW 2. Just makes the experience better somehow.

    If you can, giving AwW a breeze affect like he has in Culmination.

    Changing the final boss battle music. I like brawl music and all, but this is probably the number 1 complaint about AwW 1. The Minotaur one is fine though. I wouldn’t suggest borrowing one of the music pieces in another AwW game though. ( I have a few suggestions)

    Adding Martial Arts to combat choice OR giving AwW a god-like power. LW teaches Leo God Fist in AwW 3, but we really haven’t ever seen AwW show his martial art skill, and using his god powers would be cool, since we never had the chance(although, I can see why this isnt a great idea, might spoil the surprise in AwW 2). I’m thinking the keyboard controls would be best having something like Z=Martial Art(Punch/Kick)/God-like Power X=Sword C=Block

    Re-do survival mode! This is probably the one thing about AwW 1 that I think would be good if it was more like AwW 3. I don’t have much suggestion here for what it should be like, sorry :/

    Straightening Vandheer. Anyone who’s played AwW 1 and AwW 2 know Vandheers’ posture has noticeably changed. Making it consistent with AwW 2 would be good.

    Filling in plot holes. I’m not sure how much you can do for that in AwW 1, but just an idea.

    Adding difficulties. I think many would argue that AwW 1 is the hardest AwW game in the series. Making AwW 1 hard is something I personally like about the game, and makes the boss fights much more intense, regardless how many times you do them. However, first time AwW gamers sometimes get really turned off by the difficulty of the Minotaur boss, yet some like me who are experienced fighting him don’t have the same rush as we did back when he was harder for us. So I want to suggest adding three difficulty levels like in AwW 2, making the easiest level challenging for the noobs, but not so much to experienced players, keeping it equally as hard for normal difficulty, and making like a god mode that will always be challenging even for the most experienced player. I know in AwW 1 if you let Vandheer live long enough, he goes into god-mode, easily making him the hardest boss in all of the AwW series once in this state. I challenge anyone to wait long enough(so goes into god-mode) without so much as touching Vandheer until he goes into god mode, and try to beat him. Trust me, you will know when he goes into god mode. But anyway, making VL as hard as he is in god mode would be awesome, except making him beatable(lol).

    Being able to turn the music and/or sound FX off. I’m sure you’ve heard this before πŸ™‚

    Multiplayer! This does not even need an explanation. Making a multiplayer server would be the best thing you could ever do to any of your AwW games, at least in my opinion, and I’m sure a good amount of people agree! If it was up to me to design multiplayer, I would first implement it in AwW 1. As the games are being remade, I’d put the link to the multiplayer server. At least for now I would put AwW, VL, Eivana and Hawkin as playable characters, where players in teams or by themselves can fight an opposing team or opponent, having a choice of different arenas(like places in other AwW games, more specifically AwW 2, and also places that haven’t really been thought of). However, I would put an alert above where you would enter the “multiplayer lobby” encouraging players to play through the other AwW games first.
    Hopefully a new menu will look something like this :)!
    * A picture of this can be found on the Sun Studios website where this content was originally posted.

    Intensifying o revisiting AwW’s chargeable attack it looks great already, but making it look even stronger than it already does would just add more to the effect of the blow.

  15. Hey Daniel, I found Culmination on the Chrome Store and boy I was hooked the moment I played it. I play it over and over again cuz its such an awesome game. Ive never been more impressed with a platformer ever. Do you think you’ll continue with the Lone Warrior or will you go in a different direction with another character? Also Im thinking about writing a fan fiction based off Armed With Wings. Permission to use Armed With Wings in my fan fiction? Btw, will you make the nxt Armed With Wings with the same game format as Culmination?

    1. As long as you don’t take credit for creating anything you didn’t in your fan fic, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind :)! And with a game as great as culmination, there is bound to be things borrowed from it(unless the new AwW game is completely different).

      I’m pretty sure D-Sun has said before that he will create a forum or use the forum on his website for this one, which would be the ideal place to post your fan-fic :).

      I’ll admit that I’ve actually been working on a little story of my own, which has some of the factors that I’ve read D-Sun wants to include in AwW’s new story to come, ie. a (much) darker story, incorporate Blackmist into the story more heavily, and new characters(aside from Ondray and Nebula who ofc are going to be in “The Big One”), but that is all I will reveal about mine ;).

      1. Im working on a fanmade game that takes place a year after Aww3. I only created one character and the way the story goes is mine but the rest of the characters and concepts are Mr. Daniel’s. Ill give him credit for those things.

  16. I really love this series! I’m addictive gamer of every of those games. I can’t make a day without playin’ AWW. But, I need to remind that there are way tooo many bugs in the 1st one AS YOU MAY KNOW e.x.
    – If you get to the cutscene with Vandheer Lorde sitting throne, he casts a spell that’ll send you back to the 8th level;
    – I got a glitch where he kept running at me and using this push spell;
    – You can skip the levels just by RMB -> Play;
    And an idea: Maybe you will try to implement some kind of level editor in the BIG ONE?

    I’m sorry for me being like “I’m blabla’ing ’boutta things that he may know”, but think about my Level Editor idea. I am sure that many wanted to build their own realms, and feel like Blackmist.

    Sincere thx,

    1. Personally I think the problem lies on which website you are using. Try playing AwW on and see if that works better :).

  17. sir this is the best series in world but please make armed with wings 5 please sir i am very amae what is hapning in the next series
    thanks 5 stars from me

  18. i liked the series but iam amazed to see what is happning in armes with wing 5

  19. Hey Daniel! I’m a huge fan of your work, and can’t wait for the next installment to the AWW series. I just thought I would share an idea with you. In this next game, it would be really cool if you could do some voice acting like in Red Moon. I now that you’ve discontinued your webcomic Contrast, but still, it would be great if you could create an animated show telling the story of the game series.

  20. Hello Admin
    i have played all of your games armed with wings 1,2,3 red moon and culmination
    your games are great i am waiting for the next one
    don’t be hurry in developing it
    just makes us surprised with all actions in game
    hey by the way i heard that the upcoming game will be a paid game
    if it is true then how much does it cost?
    so i could spare my moneys for it
    keep your good works admin!!!

  21. I don’t know how I missed this site, but I did. I have been floating around the old forums for some time now.
    Oh well, I’ll be active here instead.

    1. Author

      Fantastic! Welcome back πŸ™‚ Yeaaaaa definatly need a new sun-studios website…

      1. Hey is this Daniel? I was wondering if I can make a fan game using your titles and characters. Of course the games storyline and one of the characters will be my only true creations. One of the characters that will be featured in the game will be my own. I just need your permission.

  22. I was wondering if I cqn make a fan game using the title Armed with Wings and some of Daniel’s characters from the series. I will give credit to him for both the main title and the characters however the story and one of the characters will be my only true creations. Inckuding the levels.

  23. Hey I love all your work and thanks for cheering me up with your games when I was having bad days hope you get through your bad patch and regain strength and we all thank you for another upcoming game.God bless.

    1. Author

      Thanks Damian! I’d glad to have been able to create something that helped out during down days. I’m kinda going through an emotional ride at the moment too, and game dev is my release for it. I hope that I can push out more games for you to sink your teeth into very soon!

  24. Hi Dan! i’m such a huge fan! i love the AWW series! you’ve given me so much inspiration! i find the end cutscene of red moon to be my favorite. the tandem attacks of hawken and eivana, more vandheer lorde awesomeness, and extra story details. please, keep it up! you’re so amazing!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope to deliver more AwW games, and I hope you find even more enjoyment in them!

  25. Hi Daniel,
    I have been a big fan of the series ever since the first game. I love the dark art style that you have used in your games and I find the overall story oddly refreshing (oddly, because while the story ‘seems’ clichΓ©d, there seems to be a magic which I love) I think the newer rendered style seems cool but I think that it is the minimalistic, aesthetic but endearing way of the style which has maintained its beauty. I would personally like a little bit of rendering but I fear too much may not be your style. Still it is your decision. I enjoyed the puzzle elements (though they can be extremely frustrating). I absolutely ADORED AND LOVED the combat style of Culmination
    IF you could take some of my (whims) advice into account and if its not too much trouble please continue
    1) could you put in Awesome boss fights (with their own backstory and reasons for joining Vandheer. Some of them noble other simply because they are devious and make the lone warrior (or Leo) almost overpowered but Vandheer even more overpowered
    2) could you reintroduce the allies of the Lone Warrior with their own unique play styles and their own backstories and their own reasons for joining the Lone Warrior
    3) a third power which is greater than Network or Blackmist (GREYMIST lol) which just maintains the balance of the world or something is superpowered and cool but doesn’t interfere but is forced to act and has its own hero who is an ace
    4) could you please add a link for all the awesome soundtracks that you have for the game, in game not just for the previous games but also for later ones
    5) The survival mode where one can use all characters in a BALANCED(sorry) manner and is somewhat like the AWW3 mechanic but like culmination more refined
    Thank you for reading through a fanboy’s post
    P.S. If you do incorporate some ideas, could I just be acknowledged
    Fervently waiting
    Thanks for reading

    1. Author

      Hey Ayush! GOOD NEWS! I’m addressing nearly all your questions already!
      1. Awesome boss fights indeed! Vandheer was once a leader of a special group called the Savage 6 – 6 deadly warriors including himself. More on that later…
      2. Not only will the Lone Warriors allies be playable, the plan for the BIG ONE is to have nearly every character playable! (I hope! I may need to release updates to achieve this in the event that it becomes too time consuming to make)
      3. There is ‘kinda’ a 3rd power which I’ll touch on in future Armed with Wings.
      4. Currently this is the only track I’ve made for AwW:
      5. There is a survival game coming out after Rearmed. It’s called Armed with Wings Versus.

      You should become a Patron on my Patreon campaign. You can play early versions of Armed with Wings – ask me deep questions which I normally wouldn’t answer – and most of all help support AwW πŸ™‚

      Thanks for writing!!

  26. Hi Daniel,
    you told of playing with every character but there could be more like team survival where you can team heroes and their allies and likewise villians and combos with special moves too

  27. also every concept art for the characters was great.maybe you could add each style(type) of character design and it can be unlocked with acheivements like in AWW 3 where sound tracks are unlocked

  28. Hey Guys! Please answer this for me will ya?
    Didn’t Vandheer Lorde die in AWW3 by Leo?
    How do they plan to reintroduce him again in the ‘BIG ONE’ (rearmed) ?

    Btw Awesome game dude! Congrats on the greenlight! πŸ˜€

    1. Author

      haha you’ll have to wait and see! I will say this, the BIGONE is cover more history and more story beyond aww3.

      1. Wait, but isn’t Armed with Wings 5:Rearmed is like the duplicated version of the 1st game of AWW, except that the Rearmed version is more elaborate in its story and the ending of the Rearmed version ends in a way that you can still possibly make a 6th game out of it and continue on with the series? Just wondering :/

        1. Author

          It’s a completely remade and enhanced version of the original Armed with Wings game of 2008! Amazing I dare day.

  29. Can you tell me the name of Armed With Wings Culmination main menu song?
    I’m be so pleased if you tell me i love that song

  30. please name the song of vandheer vs lone warrior fight in aww culmination

  31. Hello Daniel,
    First of all let me say that the “Armed with Wings” series is the most epic flashgame i have played in my entire life so far. This is not just a game anymore to me. This is “ART”. I have learned so much from all the different characters and it has seriously made a positve impact on my life. My top character is Eivana and Vandheer lorde (sorry couldn’t pick one). The story,settings,response,gameplay and character build up is absolutely freaking amazing. love it……and i was wandering if you can build a game on this(not flash but the dvd pc ones). I will absolutely love it if it happens

  32. please you can make this game an anime or a manga …. it has a good story i look foward for it

    1. Author

      I hope to do some short web comics πŸ™‚ Thanks for following the Armed with Wings series!

  33. OK. I am REALLY looking forward to the BIG ONE (as you call it). However, there are a few questions I would love to be answered.

    1: Will the BIG ONE be playable on the internet/will it be Flash? Asking because I may not really be up to buying games online.

    2: Will Network play a part in the BIG ONE, or is it just Vandheer?

    3: Have you ever thought about an AwW game in a more modern setting? Because I would love to see that. Mostly because #Garo4Lyfe, but also because I asked about this before and don’t remember if you responded.

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