Armed with Wings Survival Game

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Followers of my Armed with Wings Facebook page might have seen some video of Leo in Culmination…. For the past few days I’ve been working on getting Leo into Culmination. The reason? I intend to make an Armed with Wings Survival game in which Leo is a playable character! The result… speaks for itself: I’ll be working very hard to …

Lone Warrior vs Vandheer Lorde

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The Lone Warrior facing off with the King Vandheer Lorde! This beautiful piece of art work was created by Rck015 from, please check out his profile and other work here:

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Armed with Wings Official Website!

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Welcome everyone! Welcome to the official Armed with Wings website! I am Daniel Sun – the creator of the Armed with Wings series. This site will act as my vessel to deliver consistent updates on the ongoing development of Armed with Wings! I will note that this is only a temporary design… In time I will shoot this site with …