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Art style Survey

I’m running a survey on the future of the Armed with Wings art style. I’d love to get as much input as possible.

People who know my games well, your opinion is especially important.

The question is: Should Armed with Wings introduce higher levels of detail into it’s models, or should they remain completely black silhouettes?

Take a look at these images – the left features fully shaded character silhouettes, and on the right is more shaded, detailed models.





Please vote and voice your opinion on your preference.
Guest users, please vote / voice your opinion – no registration is required.

Blackout, a user here on Sun-Studios has posted a lengthy thread debating the art style of Armed with Wings. Check out his post here.

Cinematic’s in Rearmed

Just like the original Armed with Wings, Rearmed will open in cinematic the same way. I’m recreating the epic moment where Vandheer executes the Lone Warrior. I’m injecting the more action, drama, dialog, emotion and expression.

As you’d expect from me, the animation is done all in Adobe Flash. Everything is vectored and very sleek. I’ll explain some of my progress:

Beginning with a storyboard, I draw up each shot that will occur and spread them out along the timeline.

story1Lone Warrior looking towards camera

story2Vandheer attacking

story3Lone Warrior battling Vandheer

Character Art
I usually create the character art before the backgrounds. My sketchs are usually detailed enough to use as a foundation. I lighten the opacity of the sketch and lock it to a layer, at which point I draw the actual art on top. Using a pen I create the character outline, which I then fill with either solid or gradient color. 


Notice the gradient colors. I tent to use gradients when a shapes needs to be more distinctive. Clothes usually have gradients applied to them. Exposed body is always black, except for the face (face has subtle gradient). The extra detail like cloth folds, body and chest lighting always have a gradient applied.

The Result



Totally done in flash. The background elements have a blur filter applied. Notice that Vandheer is darker than any other element, that’s to make him readable and focused.

Here is some more artwork from the cinematics:

lone warrior defeated
The Lone Warrior defeated and seized.

lone warrior face
The Lone Warrior’s face, up close and enraged.

vandheer vs lonewarrior rearmedThe Lone Warrior, preparing for another battle.

So far so good if I dare say so myself. Can’t wait to get into the animation. It will flow in a similar fashion to the Armed with Wings 3 cinematics.

Revisiting this critical moment in AwW is dope. Perhaps I should do an Armed with Wings cartoon?!

Armed with Wings Rearmed

I’ve talked about about the Remastered edition of Armed with Wings 1. It now has an official name: Armed with Wings Rearmed!

Rearmed indeed. This game has vastly improved upon the original!

  • New graphics
  • New sound and music
  • New levels
  • New cut scenes
  • Bonus content

Keep your eyes peeled for a trailer. Also, I’ll be submitting the game to Steam GreenLight very soon!


Reader Reply

Alex, thank you for your comment! sometime I find large posts intimidating because I’m so slow at writing myself. But none the less, I take much delight in reading these large posts! It makes me happy that you’re so interested in seeing what is coming next – and so here is my response to your suggestions!

You can see the original comment here.

Bosses in Armed with Wings Versus

Boss Battles makes perfect sense for AwW Versus. What would be interesting to see is the unique, larger bosses return: Skull Boss from AwW3, Lvl6 Boss from AwW1… Even new ones like a Giant Snake!

Snake boss would be CRAZY!!!!


I feel that other playable characters should be AI controlled opponents too. The issue with that is creating these characters to be both playable and AI controlled is actually difficult. I achieved this in Culmination with Vandheer, but the code was a horrible disaster. There may need to be semi-major code changes to the way players currently work. None the less its totally possible so it’s likely to happen.

Regarding new animations for existing characters, this will not be likely for AwW Versus. Most characters move set will be adjusted/altered in the way they previously control. But make no mistake, I will definitely recreate all animations for THE BIG ONE.

Make Network a playable character

Yes, Network will be playable! Network rocks such a cool skillset – veeerryy powerful! Ever since I created him, I thought to myself “I’d love to play as this!”.

I also felt that he was too easy to beat in AwW3. So as an opponent, Network will be more challenging.

Add more playable characters

I have plans to include the following characters: Leo (done), Lone Warrior (done), Vandheer, Eivana, Hawkin, Network. This is only a handful of characters, but it’s doable. I would like to continue support for this game post launch too, so may more characters can be included!

Have more enemy types

Regarding enemy types, I’ve developed 2 new dark creatures: Standard and ranged monster. I’ll be adding more dark creatures, including the flying ones from Culmination (they won’t be so annoying this time). Additionally, I’ll be including the human soldiers from AwW1, 2 and 3 – Swordsmen, Spearmen, Archers and more. AwW Versus is a celebration of the Armed with Wings series, so naturally I must include both imperial Soldiers and Dark Creatures.

Hope this response is insightful! Have a good day!

Armed with Wings Versus + Patreon!

Good news everyone!

Remember how I previously mentioned the Armed with Wings Remix? Well, it’s now called Armed with Wings Versus! Additionally, it’s coming soon and could even be in your hands today!

Armed with Wings Versus

This new game in the series is a celebration really – Multiple characters, multiple modes, multiple battle arenas and more! It’s you versus the horde – pick a character and rip ‘em to bits!

Rather nifty gameplay eh? Those things falling from the sky are called Thorn Stones. They act as a Dark Creature Vessel, spawning monsters from the ground.

Check out some of the new enemies to be added:


The idea is to release the game this year with limited content, and continually supporting the game via updates. That means you get to play more Armed with With sooner – and you can even shoot me suggestions to include in updates!

HOWEVER, if you cannot wait until it’s release, there is a way to get early access into the alpha! Keep reading to find out how (This is where I get to segue into….)


I’ve just launched a Patreon Campagin! If you’re not familiar with Patreon then listen up, because IT’S IMPORTANT. Patreon is a platform for you guys to supports creators like me. It’s similar to Kickstarter – but instead you donate monthly (or once) to keep supporting me throughout long term.

Donations will REALLY help to keep me working on Armed with Wings – and trust me that is all I want to do. A sucsessful Patreon campagin will mean more Armed with Wings in the form of Games, Animations, Comics, Music…

The cool part is this, you get rewarded for your donation! I am constantly adding new content to my Patreon page that is only available to Patrons (those who support me on Patreon)!

- Early Access to my games – Yes, a early copy of Armed with Wings Versus is available for download on Patreon, along side AwW Remastered.

- Cool WIP animations – Want to see some animated fight scenes between Vandheer, Leo, LoneWarrios and Nebula? I put up another video today – a storyboard of Leo and Nebula hacing their first encounter.

- Sketch Book PDFs – I’ve got so many sketch books I’ve filled up over the years, years spent designing characters for AwW. Wonna see? Patreon!

- Get a physical Sketchbook -  This one is special, each month I’ll be filling in a 30 page book for a special paton. I do my best to make sure each page is a work of art!

Please take a look at my Patreon page:

If you can, donate. If not, please share the page with others on social media :) That would be lovely.

For now, that is all – More AwW new soon! Be sure to like the facebook page – cause I’m always posting stuff.

The Projects

I have good news! Armed with Wings will be returning THIS YEAR!


Since the release of Culmination in 2011, I’ve been somewhat busy furthering developed characters, story and artsyle all to prepare for THEBIGONE – more news on at the bottom.


In the meantime I’ve got two other projects in the works:

Armed with Wings 1 Remastered (not final title)


This is a vast improvment on the original game featuring the following NEW content:

  • Updated art/Animation
  • Additional Levels
  • New Audio
  • New Animated cutscenes

This game will be release first, and it will be a side by side release with my new website. Expect it soon, with active dev blogs starting next week right here on

Armed with Wings Remix (also not final title)


Remix is still rather early in development, it’s final direction not fully planned yet either.

Features include:

  • Leo playable
  • Lone Warrior playable
  • Vandheer playable
  • Survival deathmatch

I’ve also got local multiplayer vs mode working in some capacity – and it’s FUN – rather smashbros like. With that said, it may only be included in a standalone, downloadable version. UNLESS I can find someone who could add online functionality – that would be cool!


The Ultimate Armed with Wings game… the BIG ONE! Still in very early stages. This will be a huge effort in which I will require much time and money in order to truely realize. As I’m looking at various funding options I really hope that fans of my games might be willing to participate in crowd funding on somekind. Would you support Armed with Wings?


That’s about all I have for today. Please take the time to share this article to fellow gamer friends and anyone else really. Would be much appreciated!


Good point my friends… good point indeed.


The above image are some comments posted to my ArmedwithWings facebook page. Culmination was released November 2011… Since that time I’ve not yet released a new Armed with Wings game. I have reasons why, but this blog post isn’t about that….

2-3 years has gone in a blink of an eye, BUT it  is a longtime especially for someone who is 15-16. I imagine I have many teenage fans who have been waiting and waiting – I’m so sorry! I do hope you find refuge in my facebook posts.

I want to let everyone know that Armed with Wings is will come! It’s been far too long and I MUST produce more games. But here is the thing… I need your help!

I plan on launching a Patreon this month. Patreon is a platform SIMILAR to Kickstarter – in which it exists to raise money for creative people to produce things. The idea is that you donte money every month from as little as $1 – $XXXX to help support creative producers like myself. In return, you are contributing to projects you love and want to see.

In my case, this will help greatly. Time is money, thus I hope that Patreon will help to tip the scales in the favor of Armed with Wings. I’ve got some cool reward ideas + perks for those who donate: things like immediate access to my development builds, inclusion in game credits, artwork requests, sketch book giveaways… lots of things to be excited about.

Here are some example patreons:

Yotam Animations - Some random animator I found on Patreon – examples of reward perks.

OpenFL – I’m personally a Patron for this framework – Allows me to create powerful games using the familiar Flash-style game development flow. They don’t have very good reward perks (which is fine by me, I just want to help the guys who make these tools)

Enough about Patreon… lets move onto:

Character Sheets

Earlier this year I decided I needed a Character Sheet for EVERY Armed with Wings character. You may have seen a few already, here is a new one:



Here is a rough one:


My friends, as part of creating an Armed with Wings Art Bible – I need every character down. The ‘BIG ONE’ is still in early phases, I need to have everything COMPLETELY cemented in design.

That’s all I have time for this morning. I’ll be updating this blog weekly.
I’ll leave you with a reminder of whats happening on my end:


Quick status update

This is the year of Armed with Wings! Currently there are 3 Armed with Wings projects brewing… I’ll list them in order of release.

Armed with Wings Survival game (working title)
Choose a characters, select a battlefield, smash tons of enemies! The game will feature multiple characters, multiplayer/co-op of some capacity, survival mode and other varied game modes (think event matches in smash bros). Aiming for a march release.

Armed with Wings Collection
Replay the original games with shinny new graphics! More levels, better performance, less bugs + bonuses!!!! No release date planned just yet.

Armed with Wings (THE BIG ONE)
More on this later. But here is a new speed painting video!

Hope this give this site a facelift soon.

That’s all.