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Quick status update

This is the year of Armed with Wings! Currently there are 3 Armed with Wings projects brewing… I’ll list them in order of release.

Armed with Wings Survival game (working title)
Choose a characters, select a battlefield, smash tons of enemies! The game will feature multiple characters, multiplayer/co-op of some capacity, survival mode and other varied game modes (think event matches in smash bros). Aiming for a march release.

Armed with Wings Collection
Replay the original games with shinny new graphics! More levels, better performance, less bugs + bonuses!!!! No release date planned just yet.

Armed with Wings (THE BIG ONE)
More on this later. But here is a new speed painting video!

Hope this give this site a facelift soon.

That’s all.

AwW Concept speed art

Armed with Wings is beautifully illustrated in this new speed video! I hope as I develop the BIG ONE, it will reflect this clean, detailed silhouette style. Of course the BIG ONE is still far from reality – but consider this a peak into the future!

The final artwork can be seen here:

Armed with Wings Survival Game

Followers of my Armed with Wings Facebook page might have seen some video of Leo in Culmination…. For the past few days I’ve been working on getting Leo into Culmination.

The reason? I intend to make an Armed with Wings Survival game in which Leo is a playable character!

The result… speaks for itself:

I’ll be working very hard to get this game out very soon! You guy’s deserve some more Armed with Wings!


Armed with Wings Official Website!

Welcome everyone! Welcome to the official Armed with Wings website! I am Daniel Sun – the creator of the Armed with Wings series. This site will act as my vessel to deliver consistent updates on the ongoing development of Armed with Wings! I will note that this is only a temporary design… In time I will shoot this site with my Graphical Makeup Shotgun making it far more beautiful.

Armed with Wings is a series of short flash games released for browser. These games are built upon Flash technology and are totally free! The first game was release in April 2008… there are now 5 games in the series: Armed with Wings 1, 2, 3, Red Moon & lastly Culmination. If you’re yet to play these games, please go to the Flash Games page and PLAY THEM ALL!


The series is concluded with AwW 3, however there will be more games to come. Followers of my AwW Facebook page will know that there is to be a NEW Armed with Wings. For now, let us call it thee ‘BIG ONE’… It’s True! There will be a new Armed with Wings – but far more greater than all the previous games combined! It’s still in early phases – production is still yet to start… but isn’t that exciting in itself? I will document, blog, stream every step of development.

The new game as been in my mind since 2011. The ‘BIG ONE’ was supposed to be in development more than a year ago… but the reality is that reality is cruel. Bad news is that certain complications have delayed the production for over 12 months. In that time I was creating smaller games to sustain income – Samurai Autumn, Mega Boulder Rampage are a few of these projects. For more details on this depressing stage of my life read article I Cant Sleep.


The good news is that within those 12 months I’ve learned an unfathomable amount of knowledge not just limited to skillets… knowledge that will result in a far better game had I started development 12 months ago. A small door of opportunity has recently been opened and I can take the fullest advantage if I play my cards right. The launch of this site is the beginning of great acts!

So I ask that you gather together and support me and in return I will reveal new details, artwork, ideas and opportunities to for you to be involved on may different levels. Making this game will be a huge journey and I want all my fans & followers of AwW to be able to witness the creative process.

Be prepared!